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A Profile Made For The Stars

The new version of Instantgo (version 1.67) offers an improved profile tab to better show all the relevant information you want to share on your profile.

We have also added a new feature which allows you to show your astrological sign directly on your profile page.

In order to do that, simply:

  • Visit your profile tab
  • Click on the settings wheel to access your settings
  • On your settings page, click the “edit” button that appears next to your profile picture

You will find in the new profile settings, a new tab “Astrology” which will allow you to easily add your zodiac sign to your profile.

Once you have done those steps, your astrological sign will appear like this on your profile:

Your zodiac sign can now appear on your profile page

Make sure to fill your profile with as much relevant information as possible to create more visibility for you in the search results.

As always, ensure you have the latest version of Instantgo installed on your phone to access all those latest features.

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