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    How Will Neptune’s Retrograde Affect You?

    We’ve got another retrograde on our hands. As if serious Saturn, optimistic Jupiter, and transformative Pluto’s long-term reversals weren’t already piling up on 2019’s summer months, dreamy Neptune enters retrograde inside abstract Pisces on June 21 and will stay there until November 27th. In general, it’s a time for deep spiritual reflection and connecting with your higher consciousness.

    Let’s dig in!

    Saturn’s retrograde asks you to rethink the material boundaries and commitments in your life, while Neptune’s retrograde begs you not to take reality too seriously. The Pluto and Jupiter retrogrades offer an opportunity for big change and reevaluation—Neptune is asking you to connect with the universe as well as your sense of self no matter how big or small the personal transformation that you’re experiencing is.

    This is simply a general overview of the vibes that Neptune sends out when it begins its apparent reversal and how all the retrogrades work in tandem. Each retrograde will have a different effect on each individual according to their full natal chart, but your sun sign is a good place to start. Here are a few things for each sign to keep in mind as the most imaginative and spiritual planet enters retrograde.


    You will go about your daily life virtually unbothered, but when you get home, shut the door, and turn off the lights, you may feel more untethered and powerless than usual. You don’t like relinquishing any kind of control, even when you are by yourself, but you will need to surrender to your own emotions and allow for occasional vulnerability in order to avoid a painstakingly gradual pattern of self-sabotage.


    Not everything can be taken at face value, especially people. Throw that FOMO out the window and maybe take a social media break during Neptune’s retrograde. Focus on yourself and the fulfillment you get from your relationships, not the lives other people are leading


    Your professional life may not be living up to your fantasies, causing stress or disillusionment. Try to be adaptable and embrace opportunities for change or even conflict. Who knows, you may get a rush from indulging in your problem-solving side.


    Neptune requires us to trust in the universe, and it’s retrograde, along with Pluto’s, will not take kindly to resisting the inevitability of transformation and enlightenment. Enjoy the little moments and be open-minded in moments of adversity.


    Your trademark characteristic is your fearlessness, but this Neptune retrograde has you feeling afraid of loss, failure, and aimlessness. As Neptune moves in reverse, keep in mind that you cannot control everything and you can actually learn more from the moments in which things don’t go your way.


    Your Virgo sensibilities have been tested over the past few weeks, and Neptune is not going to let up on challenging your practicality. There’s no shame in indulging in your own emotions, but keep your wits about you when you are establishing new connections.


    Neptune’s retrograde will likely focus on something tangible for you, like your body, your work, or your belongings. So while you may not be heavily affected emotionally, you’ll want to take extra care of yourself so that you can keep your composure in the event of a crisis out of your control.


    You are no stranger to prioritizing pleasure, which can be dangerous when it comes to other people’s feelings. Infatuation inevitably leads to disillusionment, so don’t allow this Neptune retrograde to take your feet too far off the ground when it comes to romantic relationships.


    Reality rarely lives up to fantasy, which is why you often leave yourself and your mind completely open to any possibility. Take a look at what you have rather than what could be as you move through summer and fall, and ask yourself if you’re giving it the love and appreciation it deserves.


    You have a good relationship with Neptune, Capricorn, so you should lean into this retrograde by allowing yourself to be comfortable with the unknown. You don’t have to completely let go of the railing and freefall into the abyss, but when you feel yourself borrowing anxiety about things out of your control, try trusting the universe.


    Newsflash: You are not superhuman, Aquarius. This Neptune retrograde will make you painfully aware of this fact, as you feel the pressures of the real world begin to stack up. Keep calm and forgive yourself for past mistakes. Learning and growing is just as important as being and knowing.


    You may feel like you are grasping at straws or chasing down a lost cause as you look inward. Working on yourself is, well, work, and it can be tiresome, but Neptune is leading you down a sure path towards some sort of major enlightenment, it just won’t be a straight line. Don’t allow any sort of personal failure—big or small—to shake your confidence or incite a toxic pattern of self-loathing.

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