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    Which of the Zodiac Signs Make the Best Parents?

    All people have it in themselves to be attentive and dedicated parents if they set their minds to it. It is true, though, that particular astrological signs are more likely to make better parents than others. Let’s look at which signs have that parental streak and are more likely to want kids at some point in their lives. Let’s find out which signs of the zodiac makes the best parents.

    Cancer: Always Knows what Their Child Needs

    Cancer is a sign that is always especially emotionally sensitive. At times, it can be a detriment in their lives. When it comes to parenting, though, it is an unquestioned strength. This is because they seem to intuitively know their child’s needs more often than not.

    Some kids are shy, uncommunicative, or reticent to talk about their feelings. With a Cancer mother or father, that communication is seldom even needed. The love and support that a Cancer will give to their child are infinite. That is because they place family above all else. They will help their children develop and find what it is that they want to do with their lives.   

    Pisces: Treasures the Creative Spark

    Pisces is also high up on the list of signs that make good parents. That is because they have an innate appreciation of the arts. They often instill that in their children. They take them to museums and plays. They get them interested in books. The Pisces mother or father will nurture any creative spark that their child shows.

    The kids of a Pisces parent are highly likely to be compassionate and sensitive. They will make friends easily because their parent has taught them about empathy. You can see the influence of a Pisces parent in the way that their kids seem mature for their age. They will often love nature. They will take pride in helping others. Their independent spirit will carry them far in life.

    Aries: Pushes for a Well-Rounded Child

    The kids of an Aries parent will also function well among their peers. That is due to their lives being full of camps, social activities, music lessons, sports, and hobbies. The Aries parent wants their child to engage fully with the world. They will take their kids on exotic vacations if they can afford it. They will place value on the urge to try new things. They’ll take their child to sushi restaurants for their birthday rather than the neighborhood pizza parlor.

    The Aries parent will make sure that their kids have a firm grasp of social justice. Aries will teach their children to fight for what they believe is right. The only drawback to this parenting style is that sometimes the Aries parent will be blunter than is necessarily proper. If they make a mistake in their parenting style, though, they don’t let their pride get in the way of an apology.

    Gemini: A Parent and a Friend

    Gemini is also worth having on this list. That is because a Gemini parent isn’t self-conscious about talking to their kids about anything. The child of a Gemini parent will probably get “the talk” fairly early on. Gemini’s don’t have secrets from their kids. That can lead to lasting bonds that continue throughout the life of both parent and child.

    The kids of a Gemini parent will be exceptionally well informed about what is happening in the world around them. Other kids will look to them for answers. What’s extra special about a Gemini parent is that they can communicate with a child regardless of age or gender. They set up the funniest playdates and have the best parties. A Gemini will also often teach their children responsibility by having them care for their younger siblings.

    Remember that if your sign did not show up on this list, that does not mean that you would make a bad parent. Part of parenting is to be aware of your natural tendencies. If you feel that there are parts of yourself that are not conducive to child-rearing, there’s no reason to indulge in them.

    More than anything else, you want to be loyal to your children. You should take the job seriously of making your young charges into productive members of society. Don’t shy away from the hard conversations. Teach them good sense and ethics. All of this is going to be true regardless of your sign.

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