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Launch Of The Instantgo Blog

The launch of Instantgo blog

Today marks the official launch date of The Value of Time, our company blog. The Value of Time will share the latest news of the company as well as all relevant product features and new integrations we offer. This is where we will tell the important stories of Instantgo, share our insights, experiences as a team and see how the company develops and fulfill its mission over time.

We are also launching Stories, our community blog. Stories will focus on our users and share their personal stories as well as how people use Instantgo everyday. You will find the tips and ideas that people use to make the best of their time, find the most relevant help and earn the most money. If you want to contribute your own personal experience on the Stories blog, simply drop us an email here and a member of our team will happily get in touch.

Stories around our community of users.

The journey ahead is exciting as we will see how our ideas and execution resonate with the public. We are eager to get as much feedback as possible as well as ideas on how we could do things better.

After having discussed about several options on where to host our blogs, we have decided to use Medium for our official The Value of Times blog. We think this is the right tool for that section of our communication. For Stories, we use WordPress as this seems a better choice for its purpose.

These two blogs will be one channel we will use to share these ideas as well as to better explain our vision and thinking. We hope you will enjoy reading our news and would love to have you as part of our community of Instantgo users.

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