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    Days of the Week: What Do They Mean?

    The days of the week serve as far more than a simple method of marking and categorizing the passage of time. A week with seven days is the international standard, and in the vast majority of the world, each week begins with Monday and ends with Sunday. In certain places, Sunday is considered the beginning of the week.

    The seven days of the week obtained their names from seven different planets. These planets were believed to exert an influence over the earth and its inhabitants. Therefore, each day was believed to be dedicated to a specific planet, and correspondingly, a particular deity. The days of the week were believed by many cultures throughout time to exercise an influence over people. Moreover, each day had its own particular energy, and thus, it was also believed that certain personality traits could be attributed to one’s day of birth.

    Let’s dig in

    This article explores the different magical associations of each day. Above all, we can use these energies not only for achieving greater insight. Additionally, they are also helpful for timing rituals and other spiritual practices. For example, if the goal of your ritual is to raise romantic vibrations, you would be better off doing so on a Friday, as this is the day that corresponds with Venus, the planet of love. Likewise, rituals aimed at increasing prosperity are best accomplished on a Thursday, which corresponds with Jupiter.


    Color: Silver

    Deities: Diana, Hecate, Isis and Selene.

    Element: Water

    Gemstones: Moonstone, Opal and Pearl.

    Monday is ruled by the Moon, which is associated with cyclical movement, women, magic, intuition, emotion, illusion, divination, dreams and secrets. The Moon is considered an earthly embodiment of the divine feminine, and therefore serves as a symbol representing The Goddess.

    Mondays are a particularly powerful day for females. The lunar energy is feminine by nature, so it is a particularly good day to make time to spend in the company of your female friends or honoring the matriarchal figures in your life. Likewise, it is a wonderful day to set aside time for simply reconnecting with the inner Goddess that resides in all of us, regardless of age or gender.

    Mondays are a great day for practicing all acts of divination. The association with mystery and magick lends its strength to all forms of fortune telling, and also increases the likelihood for an increase in clairvoyant abilities. Spiritual energy is particularly strong on Mondays, so it is a good day to pay attention to any signs or omens the universe may be sending your way. For this reason, any dreams you may have on a Monday are considered to be significant, and may even hint at glimpses into the future.

    Full moon on a Monday

    One of the most powerful days for engaging in divination is when the full moon falls on a Monday, as the lunar energy is at an all-time high.

    Those who are born on a Monday are children of the Moon, which means they exude an aura of mystery. They tend to be highly in tune with their emotions as well as very empathetic towards everyone around them. They often experience many cycles during their lifetime, and may seem somewhat dreamy or eccentric to those who do not know them well.  Monday’s children are often at least a little bit clairvoyant, and tend to excel in divinatory practices as well as dreamwork.


    Color: Red

    Deities: Ares, Horus and the Morrigan.

    Element: Fire

    Gemstone: Garnet and Ruby.

    Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the planet of ambition, courage, energy, strength and war.  It is a day where confidence and motivation are at a weekly high, so it is a good time for tackling projects and beginning new ventures.

    Mars promotes bravery, courage and the warrior spirit. While this energy can at times border on the aggressive, it is also valuable for helping us to assert and defend ourselves. Tuesdays tend to have a lively spark of energy in the air, which can at times become volatile. If you are someone who tends towards passivity and/or has trouble standing up for yourself, Tuesdays are a wonderful choice to make a stand and gain confidence in your strength and power.

    The energy on Tuesdays lends its strength beautifully to any ritual that is aimed at cultivating ambition, confidence and/or courage. This is not a day for sitting idly on the sidelines and watching the world go by, it is a day for seizing the moment and making it one’s own. Likewise, it is a day to demand respect for yourself and for chasing your dreams, regardless of the opinions of those around you.

    People who are born on a Tuesday are often quite a force to be reckoned with. They are imbued with the warrior spirit, and tend to have an enormous amount of pride and confidence. They are not the kind of people to allow themselves to be taken advantage of, and they will not hesitate to defend themselves or those they love. Tuesday’s children tend to have an aggressive streak, which can either help or hinder their progress in life, depending upon how much they are able to keep their tempers in check.


    Color: Violet

    Deities: Athena, Hermes and Thoth.

    Element: Air

    Gemstones:  Agate and Selenite

    Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the planet associated with cerebral energy. Mercury is believed to be in control of communication and relaying messages, as well as all things related to education and learning. There is also a shadow side to Mercury that involves a somewhat manipulative or trickster energy.

    Wednesdays are an ideal day for communication. For instance, the Mercurial energy opens up pathways between people, so misunderstandings are solved. Conversations tend to be a little deeper and longer-lasting on Wednesdays. Therefore, you may find that you are able to express yourself with greater clarity and eloquence than on other days of the week.

    Mercury’s association with communication means that messages received on Wednesdays are particularly auspicious. Therefore, you should pay close attention. Likewise, its energy is quite unpredictable, so be aware that everything you see may not necessarily be as it seems.

    How to use Wednesday’s energy

    If you are a student, use the energy that comes with Wednesdays for studying or otherwise expanding your mind. However, even if you are not in school, it is a great day to challenge your brain in one way or another. In addition, mercury is also a strong ally in combatting negative behaviors. Therefore, if there is a bad habit you are trying to break, Wednesday is a good choice for getting started.

    People who are born on a Wednesday tend to have two sides to them. On one hand, they are excellent at communication, often harboring a talent for either writing or oration. On the other, they can be quite contradictory and difficult to comprehend, to the point where some may think of them as dishonest. While Wednesday’s children are highly intelligent and incredibly creative, they are also difficult to understand and prone to falling victim to their own inner demons. Highly perceptive, they are able to size situations and people up almost instantaneously, and their intuition is rarely off track.


    Color: Royal blue

    Deities: Thor and Zeus

    Elements: Air and Earth

    Gemstones: Emerald and Jade.

    Thursdays are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is associated with authority, fortune, leadership, luck, prosperity and wealth. This is a wonderful day to step into the spotlight and let your talents shine! If you’ve been thinking about doing something that will farther your progress or help your success, Thursday is an ideal choice for taking the first step.

    Any ritual involving drawing prosperity, encouraging fortune or stimulating business gets an extra kick when preformed on a Thursday. Likewise, this is an ideal day for job interviews and/or beginning new business ventures. If you are feeling truly lucky, pick up a lottery ticket on a Thursday and see what happens!

    Thursdays are also associated with authority and leadership, so if you are in a situation where you need to exert your power and influence, this may be the best day to begin.

    People who are born on a Thursday are natural-born leaders who take charge of nearly every situation they find themselves in. Therefore, they are at once responsible and practical, looking forward to the future instead of succumbing to immediate gratification. Moreover, Thursday’s children are also usually exceptionally good at managing money and their personal finances. They are business-oriented at heart, and maintain an incredible work ethic that propels them forward in their career.


    Colors: Pink and Red

    Deities: Aphrodite, Eros, Pan and Pele.

    Element: Fire

    Gemstones: Amber, Carnelian and Rose Quartz.

    Fridays are ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet that encompasses all kind of relationships, including platonic, yet it is far more centered upon those unions that involve romantic love and/or sexual interaction. It also has dominion over harmony and happiness, as well as youth.

    Fridays are a wonderful time for putting extra effort into all of our relationships, whether they are friendships or a romantic/sexual connection. It is a day that encourages affection and peaceful interaction, so be sure to surround yourself with those who are important to you, and pay careful attention to anyone you happen to meet!

    Fridays are also conducive to alleviating tension. It is a day where everyone is generally in a good mood and yearning to release stress. We can harbor this energy not only to lend strength to any ritual aimed at cultivating friendship or romance, it can also help with increasing our overall sense of contentment.

    People who are born on a Friday are romantics at heart. They are often highly social, and derive a great deal of their sense of self-worth based upon their relationships with others. While they may seem somewhat naïve or young, regardless of their age, they do have a great deal of wisdom to their character. Friday’s children are charismatic and flirtatious while also maintaining a sense of playfulness and overall joy in life. They tend to simply draw others to them, and are often quite popular amongst the opposite sex.


    Color: Black

    Deities: Bran, Cronus, Kali and Hecate.

    Elements: Air and Water

    Saturdays are ruled by the planet Saturn, which is associated with history and time as well as karma, death and obstacles. This is a wonderful day for exploring your heritage and ancestry, as well as for spending time with elderly family members, from whom you can gain a wealth of knowledge.

    Saturn is also associated with death, which is almost never literal in significance. Instead, it means that this is a good day for undertaking major changes in life, even perhaps ending one period in life to open the doorway to another, more beneficial path.

    If you feel as though there has been something blocking your progress, engaging in ritual on Saturdays helps to remove obstacles and clear the way for success. Just be sure that your intentions are honorable, as Saturn also rules over karmic law.

    People who are born on Saturdays have an innate understanding of the past, present and future. They are often highly intrigued by all matters concerning history and everything that has come before, and indeed, they are often very old souls. They do not become discouraged when faced with an obstacle, instead applying their intensity and intelligence until they find a way to solve the problem. Saturday’s children are not afraid of transition, and tend to reinvent themselves several times throughout their lives.


    Colors: Gold and Yellow

    Deities: Ra and Vishnu.

    Element: Fire

    Gemstones:  Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye and Topaz

    Sunday’s are ruled by the Sun, which is connected with honor, masculinity and success. Just as the Moon is considered an earthly representation of the Goddess, the Sun is likewise the embodiment of the God, and the divine masculine.

    The Sun not only helps us with matters of reputation, honor and dignity, it signifies all of the positive qualities associated with fatherhood, including protection, discipline and simple, unadulterated joy. The Sun’s warmth is what encourages plants to grow, so there is a definite association with fertility here as well.

    Sundays are a great day for spending time with patriarchal figures, as well as any other important males in your life. The day’s energy cultivates successful outcomes and promotes protection, so you can move forth on a venture with confidence that you will succeed.

     People who are born on a Sunday tend to display a marked sense of honor and decorum. Their reputation is very important to them, and they will therefore not usually engage in reckless or impulsive behavior. They are nothing if not dignified, and have a strong protective streak to boot. If placed in a position of authority, they take their duties very seriously, and will put themselves in danger before they allow anyone in their care to fail or become hurt.

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