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    Send A Text Or Picture With Just One Click On Instantgo

    Get started today – watch it in action

    We are excited with the launch of a totally unique way to send messages, pictures and quick actions to others. With the new drag & drop functionality, you can now send messages and pictures in one single click to others. This is much faster than traditional chats and makes the experience more useful and fun at the same time.

    To get started, simply long-press on one of the actions you want to take and drag and drop it to the contact of your choice. As you hold the button, you will see that you can easily drag it to someone’s picture.

    You will see that you have different types of actions you can use to message someone. You can use the recommended texts, pictures or even karma actions.

    Make sure to set your favorites contacts as this helps you send future messages even faster. It only takes a couple of seconds to set them up.

    Recommended messages and how to edit them

    On the main screen of the Instantgo app, you will see a list of recommended messages and texts you can use to quickly send a message to someone. Those look like this:

    Recommended texts

    You can simply hold that message for around a second and then drag and drop it to a contact of your choice. If you want to change the text, simply click on the bubble and a pop-up will appear for you to change your text and save it.

    The recommended texts automatically change throughout the day and take into account several factors to try to add the most relevant messages for you at that time.

    Sending karmas by swiping them around

    The same mechanism of holding and dropping messages to your contact exists for the karmas. On the main screen, you will see a list of recommended karmas. You can simply hold one of them and then drag it to send it.

    Karmas and premium karmas instantgo

    You can access a lot more karmas and even premium ones by clicking on the + sign you see in the karma section

    Recommended images and adding your own

    With the same drag and drop mechanism you can use for messages and karmas, you can also send pictures in a single swipe. You will also have access to a lot of different recommended pictures that you can use to send around.

    To find the recommended pictures, simply click on that icon:

    Recommended pictures

    You will see that once again, the recommended pictures change throughout the day. You can also add a picture of your choice to easily send it to your contacts.

    Whenever you want to delete a picture, simply hold it and a trash icon will appear. By dropping the picture to the trash, it will automatically be deleted from your screen. You can add it back whenever you want. You can do the same for the frequent contact list when you want to remove a user from that list on the main screen.

    Delete content and pictures in a single swipe on Instantgo

    This is a good first start to understand how this new main screen works. We will continue to provide new information as we add more functionalities and possibilities to that screen.

    This latest version (v 1.90) also comes with additional improvements to the group. You will see now on your chat tab that messages that are written within a group appear with a gray circle while the regular chats you send and receive come with a red circle. It makes it easier to differentiate between one-to-one chats and group messages.

    As always, make sure to download the latest version of the app to have access to the latest functionalities. You can download the Instantgo app here for iPhone.

    Those new functionalities will come to the Instantgo Android version as soon as it is possible.

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    Send A Text Or Picture With Just One Click On Instantgo

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