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What Is a Rising Sign?

Your rising sign is often referred to as the ascendant and is marked on the cusp of your first house, so it’s whatever sign was on the eastern horizon on your exact time of birth. So if your first house is in Gemini, that will typically mean that you’re a Gemini Rising, but this can differ for a few people since the ascendant is based on where the cusp of the 1st house is, not the 1st house as a whole.

Your rising sign, at its core, informs the energy that you show to the world. It’s your most performative and expressive self and will likely be the first impression you make on most people that you meet. The first house is associated with Aries, Mars, and Fire, so you’re ascendant all about what you assert, rather than who you are deep down.

The rising moon and sun

Still, it is part of the trio that makes for the most powerful placements in your chart—Rising, Moon, and Sun—so it’s more than a mask that you can take off when you’re ready to be your true self. Remember that all traits have positive, negative, and neutral qualities, so you are not beholden to the external behavior that your rising sign might sometimes encourage. It’s important to understand your rising sign as best you can and work on expressing it in an authentic way so that you don’t feel like your initial reactions aren’t an artificial performance.

It’s common that people will mistake your sun sign for your rising sign, thinking that the way you emote towards the world and other people is the core of who you are. For instance, I’m a Capricorn sun but a Gemini rising, so I often come off as extroverted, playful, and energetic at first, but people who know me a little better know that I’m actually quite practical, cautious, and really value my alone time. Understanding the relationship between your ascendant and your sun sign can help understand how to balance your true self with how other people see you and work through any disconnects so that you can be your most genuine self.

How Does My Rising Sign Affect Me?

A lot of people fall back on their rising signs in times of trial, as the ascendant informs initial gut reactions. So if a person is a Leo rising, they may handle negative situations with a full-force of emotions and total heat. But if that same person is also a Virgo sun they may look back on that response and wish they would have been a little more tactful and methodical.

If this is your tendency, try responding to the next moment of adversity with your Sun and Moon signs in mind. You’ll probably walk away from more tough situations feeling like you handled the problem with maturity, self-assuredness, and poise. So if you’re a Scorpio rising guilty of intensifying already stressful situations, try informing your next gut reaction with a little more of your carefree Sagittarius Sun or stable Taurus moon.

Sun, moon and rising

It’s common for the rising sign to be at odds with your sun and moon, which can cause a lot of turbulence when it comes to establishing your identity and sense of self. If you’re rising, sun, and moon are all compatible, however, this may present other challenges. For instance, if your sun is in Leo, your moon is in Aquarius, and your rising is in Aries, you may find yourself to be more self-assured than many of your peers. Fire and Air signs typically do well together, so your three primary placements are all relatively compatible, and thus you don’t have as much inner turmoil or disconnection between your expressed self and your inner self.

But if you have a relatively consistent chart, you may be a little adverse to change. You are set in your ways and present to people in a similar way that you act when you are alone or with people you really trust, which is great, but you may be lacking a little bit of that inner commotion that pushes people to assess themselves and grow. Don’t be afraid to look inside yourself and ask if transformations in certain parts of your life could be valuable.

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