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    What is Serenity, and How Can You Achieve It in Your Life?

    Most people consider serenity to be a state of being. In that state, you feel untroubled, calm, and tranquil. You feel at peace with yourself, and usually with other individuals as well. While all of that is true, there is another element to the serenity that we neglect sometimes. That element is a balance. Let’s discuss what it will take to bring serenity into your life, and the balance that accompanies it.

    What Causes You Stress?

    Most of us have stress triggers in our lives. Those triggers might come from a partner or spouse. They might do something periodically that makes you upset. A child might cause stress in your life. It could be some other relative like a sibling. It might be your coworkers that cause you to stress, or it may be the job itself. You also might experience stress from national or global events. Perhaps you’re preoccupied with things like school shootings or political strife.

    All of these are legitimate reasons for you to feel unhappy, dissatisfied, or disillusioned. If you continue to have these concerns, then you are not likely to be able to achieve serenity. You probably are also going to have adverse health reactions. Those might range from unexplained aches and pains to headaches or more severe conditions.

    What Can You Do to Achieve Serenity?

    Achieving serenity is all about finding a balance in your life. You might not ever be able to banish worry or concern from your daily existence completely. After all, you can’t control something like violence in the world because all you have direct control over is your own actions. 

    However, there are proactive measures that you can take, which will make a difference and enable you to experience moments of serenity. For instance, organized religion comforts some people. If a particular faith appeals to you, then that will likely give you solace at times when you feel down. 

    You can take up yoga, meditation, or martial art. Anything that involves elements of both physical fitness and spirituality is great for finding serenity. Search for something about which you feel passionate, and that you can also afford. Maybe joining a high-end gym costs too much money for you. You can always go for long walks in the woods and ruminate about what you’re thankful for in your life.

    What Other Changes Can You Make?

    There are additional ways that you may try to find serenity as well. Think again of the scenario that we mentioned where a relative or friend is getting you upset. You must talk to them about what it is that’s troubling you. Relationships with friends and family members sour when you keep your emotions bottled up. You need to make a straightforward declaration of your feelings if something is troubling you. Don’t be confrontational, but be honest. Don’t try to solve the problem by resorting to passive-aggressive actions. 

    If the lack of serenity in your life is because you don’t like your job, then you must start looking for a new one without delay. Some people become slaves to apathy. You cannot allow this to happen to you. Doing something about which you have no passion kills the spirit. It is the antithesis of serenity if a job or profession that you detest takes up your days.

    Try to Balance Work and Play

    If you are starting to experience serenity, you can be sure that it is because you have achieved balance among the disparate parts of your life. You have found a career path that you enjoy. There are people around you with whom you have honest relationships, and with whom you like to spend time. Maybe you have faith, and you are part of a congregation. Perhaps you have compelling hobbies that stimulate body and mind.

    If you do not feel like you can get to this point on your own, then there is no shame in that. You can also seek serenity by getting professional help. Those who cannot find a path to balance on their own often look toward counseling. Advice from a trained professional might be what it takes for you.

    Whatever steps you end up taking, don’t give up if the way to serenity seems challenging. This is something that you need to accomplish for yourself. 

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