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What Met Gala Outfit Are You Based on Your Zodiac?

2019’s Met Gala was all about “camp,” and no matter your zodiac sign, chances are you’ve got at least a little bit of absurdity, extravagance, and decadence in there somewhere. Which campy look from this year’s gala are you?

Aries—Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ floral take on camp not only beckons thoughts of spring that Aries season ushers it, but it does so with heated flash. This dress demands to be noticed, so self-assured in its own tackiness and extravagance that it was one of the most shockingly fabulous looks of the night.


Not only is Lizzo a Taurus herself, but this look created an extravagant and fabulous version of the classic pink flamingo that camped up yards across America in the late 20th century. Not to mention she wore the coat to the airport the next day. Talk about function.

Gemini—Lady Gaga

Geminis across the world swoon at Gaga’s ability to pull off four outfits in just one day. Most Geminis rotate through at least 40 outfits before they ever leave the house, so they can understand Gaga’s inability to pick just one perfect outfit for this iconic fashion event—especially when that this year’s gala demanded extravagance in true Gemini form.

Cancer—Lana Condor

Lana Condor’s camp was sweet, soft, and luxurious. Cancers are like pillows—you just want to dive into them and let them hold, comfort, and shower you in warmth and love…much like this dress!

Leo—Billy Porter

Billy Porter’s look was a performance and a half. What was more extravagant—the way his outfit spread like an eagle’s wings or how he was carried in by six men Sun-God style? Being a Leo means capturing the attention of a room and letting the envious whispers commence. This outfit surely did just that.


Not only did Zendaya dress in light-up Cinderella fabulosity, but she also just “happened” to lose her glass slipper on the way up the Met stairs. In classic Virgo “who, me?” fashion, she stunned the room completely effortlessly with attention-grabbing yet somehow classy camp.

Libra—Kacey Musgraves

A Libra seeks nothing less than perfection in their look. If it’s gonna be campy, it’s still gotta be cute. Everyone loves Barbie, and that’s what Libras are all about. Kacey Musgraves captured the tacky essence of camp while still sparking envy in the eyes of her peers and incorporating some of that classic Libra wit.

Scorpio—Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson put a sharp edge on a soft, Victorian look by turning her ponytail into a whip. Like Scorpios, the look was intense, biting, and dark. It is portraying a candid intimacy between her, the outfit, and what the outfit represented.

Sagittarius—Janelle Monae

Leave it to a Sag to make camp at least a little cerebral. Drawing from the celebrated absurdity of Pablo Picasso, Janelle Monae’s outfit was art in itself. Both daring and thoughtful, just like a Sagittarius.

Capricorn—Laverne Cox

Just like a Capricorn’s inner monologue, Laverne Cox’s dress spelled out B-E-T-T-E-R  T-H-A-N Y-O-U. While emulating dark mystery from all angles of her dress, her makeup added that bit of flare that every Capricorn has. However, it doesn’t always shine the focus on.

Aquarius—Lena Waithe

The Aquarius can’t just stand out for the sake of it. They have to make a statement. Lena Waithe both rebelled against and honored the entire theme of camp. She did so, by making sure the world knew that black drag queens were there first.

Pisces—Harry Styles

Soft. Dark. Imaginative. This outfit captures the sensitivity and mystery of Pisces culture. Harry Styles’s look was quiet and subtle but original and impossible to forget—just like Pisces.

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