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    Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 29th to May 5.

    Last week Pluto entered retrograde Capricorn, and the hits just keep coming as Saturn does the same thing on Monday, April 29th. Now is the time reconsider, reassess, and retrace. The last thing you want to do during these intense retrogrades is been hasty. Saturn highlights responsibilities and limitations while Pluto governs intensity and control, so starting new projects and pursuing new passions is a great idea, but you want to plan out your steps methodically. If you’re going to do something, do it right and with purpose. Read your horoscope for the week of April 29th to May 5 below.


    Now is the time for buildup and planning. You have so many great ideas and ambitious dreams that they sometimes just come bursting out of you. But Pluto and Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn creates a triple threat that merits responsibility and consideration, and it will not respond kindly to impulse.


    Saturn’s retrograde in your earth-sign sibling Capricorn’s territory may cause for turbulence in areas you typically feel comfortable and stable. You may start to question things on a grand scale and feel an intense desire for some sort of sign to ground you. Remember that tumultuous times always pass, and you have people to walk through it with you.


    These may not be the words you want to hear but…it’s time to get disciplined. It’s time to face the facts of a tough situation, and it’s important to approach it with a cool, level, and grounded head. Don’t get too extravagant this week and focus on the tasks in front of you.


    You’re feeling insecure, which isn’t a new place for you, but that doesn’t make it any easier. If you’re reconsidering relationships or thinking about making a big change, try to look at it from the most objective perspective. Don’t let temporary frustration blind you.


    This week is about spring cleaning—and not just your room. Take some time for you and declutter the darker corners of your mind. These aren’t usually places you like to go, but they could be holding you back. Sometimes the only way to let go of the past is to confront it head on and make peace.

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    Second thoughts are your middle name, as you’re always trying to grow, change, and move ahead. Don’t be afraid to revisit an idea or possibility you had in the past and consider how it might apply to your current self. Be wary of dramatic steps, however, as now is not necessarily the time for impulsive action, but rather pause, consideration, and preparation for a big move in the future.


    Not gonna sugarcoat it, Libra, this will be a heavy week for you. You may feel a little down and not even know why. This dreary disposition is just a Saturn-induced funk, as you don’t love thinking about restrictions and responsibilities that can get in the way of your day to day happiness. Don’t be afraid to sit with your sadness, anger, resentment, or any other negative emotion and just be with yourself for a bit.


    You may feel like you’re an open book, but to many, you’re a total mystery. As Saturn goes into retrograde, you may not feel like it’s time to let your walls come crashing down, but it is an opportune time to give someone new the key to the side door. Open up and ask for honesty. It’s scary but rewarding.


    Now is the time to take a chill pill, Sag. You have been relentlessly productive lately, and it can be easy to get too close to the work and lose perspective. Whether it’s a work endeavor, a creative project, or even a new relationship, take the week to just reflect on how far you’ve come, and plan on where you want to go. Saturn’s retrograde begs for a more methodical approach than you typically prefer.


    You’ve got some big changes coming, and it’s important that you feel self-assured in your decisions and are ready to hold your ground. The week starts with your ruling planet entering retrograde in your sign, which could stir up some trouble. It will test you, but you’re stronger than you think and more adaptable than you project to the world. Trust yourself.


    Closure, time Aquarius. It’s time to scrub off some of that icky residue from negative experiences that have been mucking up your mind. And as much as you may want this to mean a confrontation with someone who has wronged you, you need to come to terms with yourself first. Do some internal work and focus on you so that you feel empowered rather than insecure when you come face to face with your past. 


    Not every relationship is positive, and believe it or not, not everyone is going to like you! If you’re not getting what you need out of a relationship, chances are yet another deep, late-night talk is not the answer. Get a little distance from anyone or anything that is bringing toxicity in your life and do it apologetically. This isn’t you cutting ties—it’s getting a hold of yourself before you start trying to please others.

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