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    The Lovers Tarot Card Explained

    The lovers tarot card may seem quite self-explanatory, but as with all tarot cards, there is more than meets the eye. The card shows a man and a woman standing underneath an angel named Raphael. It is important to note the name Raphael means “God heals” and symbolizes emotional and physical healing. The angel sends his blessings down to the man and woman while reminding them of their Divine union.

    To some, the couple appears to be Adam and Eve. The scenery on the card is very much like the Garden of Eden, complete with an apple tree and snake behind the woman. Both the tree and the snake represent the temptation that may lead to straying from the Divine. The man also has a tree behind him. His tree contains twelve flames which not only represent his passion, but also signifies the twelve zodiac signs. There is also a volcano in the background of the lovers card. This phallic symbol shows the passion erupting when the naked man and woman meet and give in to their temptation.

    Love Tarot Card

    Upright Lovers Tarot Card

    As one may assume, the upright lovers tarot card represents significant relationships and cherished connections. When this card appears, it means that there is an amazing connection with someone that you love. It can signify that you have found (or will soon find) your soulmate. In a sexual sense, it shows that sex is much deeper than the physical act and is almost spiritual. (It is important to note that although the lovers card is most commonly linked to a romantic relationship, it can also be representative of a close bond with a family member or friend.)

    This card also represents honesty and communication. These are evident by the two figures on the card being naked and rather vulnerable. They have nothing to hide from one another as it is all literally out in the open. They are opening themselves to one another and sharing their feelings. By being open and honest, they are showing each other trust and respect. By pulling the lovers card, the message is clear: An open, communicative relationship is one that will be filled with love, respect, and trust.

    What it represents

    The lovers card is also about being open and honest about your values in life. By being “naked”, you are not hiding behind a mask. You are dealing with your issues in the open and determining who you are and what you stand for. Going forward, you will continue to be open and authentic to your true self.

    The card can also represent a choice. In some cases, it may be a sign that you are facing an internal struggle and need to make an important decision. Prior to a reading, you may have struggled with what to do about the issue. By choosing the lovers card, the answer is clear. Choose love and to love yourself and love those around. Choose to put love into the universe. Love all around you and take the higher path, even if it may be the more difficult one to take.

    The two figures on the card can also signify unity. For your situation, this card may represent uniting two very different, but equal parts to make something that is whole. In everything, there is both something good and something bad, but together there is a unity that radiates love.

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    Reversed Lovers Tarot Card

    We’ve determined what the lovers tarot card represents, but what does it mean when the card is reversed? As you can imagine, the reversed lovers tarot card is not a great sign. It most often represents a strained, broken relationship – One that may be ending soon.

    You may be going through a rough patch where you do not feel connected to your loved ones. You may feel disconnected from your romantic partner and have begun to doubt your future with them. While it can be a bit defeating to receive this reversed card, it does not mean that your relationship is doomed. In some cases, it is a gentle nudge from the universe to return to your purest state with your loved one. Take some time to remember why you are with them.

    What if you pull it?

    Sometimes pulling this card does signify a rocky future. You may realize that you and your loved one have drifted apart and there is nothing that you can do to fix the cracks in the relationship. If you find yourself fighting more than loving, it may be time to call it quits and move on from the relationship.

    While the lovers tarot card represents respect and unity, the reversed version may signify the opposite. Often, it can mean that one person in the relationship is much more committed than the other. One lover may be more invested in the relationship while the other does not have as strong as feelings. Beware, this can lead to disappointment and heartache in the future.

    If you are not in a relationship, the reversed lovers card may suggest struggles with self-love and respect. You may not be valuing yourself very highly or looking to outside sources for respect. You may notice yourself looking at traits in other people and wishing that you had them. It is during this time that you must let go of what you think you should be and honor the traits that you already possess.

    In conclusion, no matter if you pull the card normally or reversed, the message is clear: The lovers card represents love. It can represent the traditional sense of love between two people or it can be representative of self-love. As with all tarot cards, take the time after your reading to apply the significance of this card to your current situation and see how you can use it to better your life.

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