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    The Most Common Myths Surrounding the Tarot

    If you take a little time to look around, you’re sure to find some myths associated with the tarot and reading people. Some of them are outlandish or bizarre. Let’s look at some of the more fascinating perspectives people have about the tarot. Let’s take a look at the myths surrounding the tarot.

    Reversed Cards are Always Negative

    Some individuals get readings regularly who are still under the misapprehension that a reversed card is bad luck or something of that nature. This is inaccurate. There is nothing inherently ominous about a reversed card. 

    Just remember that a reversed card does not mean the same thing as when the card appears right-side up. If you are doing a reading and you do not know what a reversed card means, then study up on it. You don’t want to give an incorrect interpretation by ignoring a card’s positioning.

    You Cannot Trust Tarot Readers

    This is one of the most harmful opinions that people have about the tarot. There are individuals who will do a reading for you that will demand extravagant sums. However, there are cheaters and shysters in virtually any profession that you can name. It is by no means restricted to tarot readers. You should always exercise caution when you are dealing with anyone in the capacity of commerce. There is no reason to apply that maxim only to tarot readers.

    Tarot Cards have to do with the Occult

    The true definition of occult is “hidden.” It is widely misused, though. The tarot does not connect with the occult as people generally understand it. Tarot cards can trace their roots back to the 15th century when the common folk used them as playing cards. There is nothing overtly “evil” about them.

    Tarot Readers Serve the Devil

    This is a similar theory to the whole occult belief as it relates to the tarot. Many people will tell you, usually in hysterical tones, that tarot readings, either giving or getting one, means that you are dabbling with arcane powers. They will say that you are communing with Satan or that you are putting your immortal soul at risk. All of these beliefs are the most idiotic sorts of nonsense, and you should ignore them.

    The tarot does not have anything to do with Satan or evil powers. It is true that you are trying to contact the ethereal plane, but yours is an earnest quest for knowledge. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  

    You Must Wrap Your Tarot Cards in Silk

    We’re not quite sure where this belief came from, but some people will tell you that it’s disrespectful to the cards not to wrap them in silk when they are not in use. You can certainly do so if you’d like, but there is no harm in storing the cards in other ways. Keep in mind that they are only instruments. There is nothing sacred about them. Still, you’ll probably want to take good care of them because they are works of art and you do not want any damage to come to them.

    Pregnant Women Should Not Get Readings

    Have you ever heard this myth before? Some people will tell you if you are pregnant or you suspect that you are, then you should not get a reading. There is nothing that has ever linked a tarot reading to any bad luck for a mother or a congenital disability for a baby. Getting a reading when you are pregnant is a great idea. You might be able to get some idea of what the future holds for you and the child.

    The more you get into the world of tarot, the more myths and stories you are probably going to hear surrounding it. You might hear about how bad it is for you to do a reading for yourself. You may encounter the notion that you shouldn’t do a reading with a cat in the room because they drain your psychic power.

    You should use your common sense when it comes to things like this. If you don’t have any qualms about walking under a ladder, then you should not take any of these warnings any more seriously. Treat the tarot with respect, but don’t believe everything that you hear about it. Keep your head and don’t argue with those who get into hysterics about this sort of thing. You are never going to be able to talk them out of their beliefs.   

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