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Having Leo in Your Chart

Leos are notoriously hard to ignore, with their modus operandi usually including dancing on tables, vehemently (and maybe a little loudly) defending the people and things they believe in, and pretty much anything that involves taking center stage. If you’ve ever met someone with a Leo sun, you know there is rarely a dull moment when they’re around. If you’ve gotten close to one, you know they’re not just the life of the party, they are loyal, ride-or-dies for the people that mean a lot to them. Find out what it means to have Leo in your chart.

Leo suns aren’t the only ones who can set the world on fire (their fire-sign-siblings Aries and Sagittarius pack a pretty big punch, too), but their energy is unmistakable and unique. It’s important to remember that a person’s whole chart is relevant to their tendencies, desires, and inclinations, so having any Leo placement anywhere in your chart will add a little bit of drama, magnetism, and spice to some element of your personality. 

Leo Moon

You can be rather proud when it comes to your emotions, but you’re also idealistic and self-absorbed, so you often need more attention and validation than you care to admit. 

Leo Mercury

You’re good at expressing your feelings and being honest with the people you care about but tend to either shut down or get heated when someone confronts you. 

Leo Venus

Governing romance and desire, your Leo Venus causes you to wear out your credit card a little too much and to have big crushes that are hard to let go of. You often get more excited about the ideas of things than the things themselves.

Leo Mars

When you get hot-headed, it’s hard to introduce rationality into the conversation, only because you get a little overzealous about the things you care about. You possess a creative streak and have few doubts in yourself and your ability to accomplish big things. 

Leo Jupiter

Leo Jupiters have some of the biggest hearts around. You have a bit of a wild side and a big laugh that fills up a room. 

Leo Saturn

You feel most in control of your own life when you are in a leadership position or the center of attention. You are fairly disciplined but have a tendency to get sucked into drama and risk-taking tendencies. 

Leo Uranus

Uranus rules not what life gives you but the bigger things you ask of life. Your innovation is expansive and ambitious and if there is a righteous rebellion, you are leading a charge.

Leo Neptune

The last time Neptune was in Leo was July 1915 through July 1929, so it’s a pretty rare placement these days, but it would mean that you pursue desires of the heart and are connected with your generation through your magnetic energies.

Leo Pluto

Pluto governs what you hold and what you need to release. Inside your emotional baggage are the people you have stepped on and the opportunities you’ve missed. You can only let go when you have made things right. 

Leo Rising (1st House)

Your first house rules how you express yourself to others, especially at the surface level, so you come across as confident and warm, but a little attention-hogging and know-it-all.

Leo in 2nd House

You should pursue a career that puts you in a leadership position or in the spotlight. You don’t see fame and fortune as an abstract idea but rather something you are destined to obtain. 

Leo in 3rd House

You are all about dramatic self-expression and center your life around communication. You love to work through difficult situations and big decisions by employing the power of language. 

Leo in 4th House

Family is all about unconditional love and supporting people that you don’t always agree with. You, however, often want the attention in your family to surround you when it’s not necessarily about you, making you a magnet for familial drama. 

Leo in 5th House

You are a hopeless romantic with few barriers on your imagination and inner child. You often throw caution to the wind in favor of doing something exciting and unusual.

Leo in 6th House

You are able to overcome obstacles with grace, energy, and confidence. No mountain is too high and if something is standing in your way, you will surely conquer it, even if it takes some time. 

Leo in 7th House

You value a life partner who will also be your partner in crime. You want someone who can match your energy and grandeur—someone who doesn’t mind putting themselves out there. 

Leo in 8th House

You are a sexual being and aren’t afraid to show it. You are sexually-confident and value romantic connections that have a balance of loyalty and fun. 

Leo in 9th House

You are fascinated by other cultures and eager to experience things that are different from your typical world. You are warm towards people who are different than you but still often see yourself as the center of the universe. 

Leo in 10th House

You are extremely creative, which can manifest in a variety of different areas—not just the typically creative hobbies. You’ll find strength in using this creativity to capture the attention of your peers. 

Leo in 11th House

You seek out groups of people that share your boldness and fire. You tend to run with a wild, loud, and sometimes exclusive crowd that tends to stay out late.

Leo in 12th House

 You love to have power, but not as loudly as other Leo placements. You take control of things but don’t necessarily need the world to externally validate your contributions.

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