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How Your Sign Affects Your Love Horoscope

Sometimes when you’re facing adversity in your close relationships, it’s just easier to pull up your love horoscope and let it guide you through your next step. But if you have a more well-rounded understanding of your sign and how you react, behave, and communicate in your relationships, you can recognize patterns in your relationships and try to grow based on your strengths and weaknesses. Being generally self-aware of your tendencies will help you give your best self to your partner(s) and improve your relationships in the long run.


If you’re an Aries, you’re probably a little ‘out-there’ and like it that way! You love your individuality and aren’t big on change, so you sometimes have trouble empathizing with your partner when you’ve hurt their feelings. Not everyone is quite as tough as you, Aries, but sensitivity is an admirable trait that can balance out your hard shell and harsh tongue. A genuine apology can go a long way; making a change that will allow you to care for your loved ones better will go even further.

You’ll gravitate towards a Leos.

Take a chance on a Sagittarius.

Keep away from Cancers.


You value comfort over passion and progress, which can lead to stagnant relationships. If you’ve found yourself getting bored with your significant other, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are wrong for each other. More likely, you’ve probably just fallen into your pattern of staying inside your comfort zone. Remember that a great relationship requires you and your partner to challenge each other and grow together, and you are more adaptable than you think!

You’ll gravitate towards Cancers.

Take a chance on a Scorpio.

Keep away from a Sagittarians.


Oh, Gemini. You fall in and out of love so often. Every new relationship is a new party, but parties aren’t meant to last. Find someone who will stay dance with you until dawn but will still be there to nurse your worst hangovers. To you, everyone is interesting at first, but the hard work lies in finding someone you don’t mind staying in with.

You’ll gravitate towards Aquarians.

Take a chance on a Libra.

Keep away from Pisceans.


Cancers give and give and give some more. You are the most maternal and domestic of the zodiac, going out of your way to make your partner happy. This makes you susceptible to getting taken advantage of. You will find the healthiest love in someone who appreciates and gratifies your endless efforts to please while also forcing you to take some time for yourself. This will often come in the form of an earth sign, who will ground your existential efforts to save the world.

You’ll gravitate towards Taureans.

Take a chance on a Libra.

Keep away from Aries.


You are fiercely loyal but aren’t the best at showing that on a daily basis. You love confrontation, but only because you love to win. Remember that relationships aren’t a competition, and when your partner confronts you about something, they are just trying to be honest. Resist the urge to get defensive and listen without agenda.

You’ll gravitate towards Aries.

Take a chance on a Gemini.

Keep away from Scorpios.


Virgos are extremely independent and ever-changing, but your self-assuredness can get in the way of your flexibility and empathy. Understand that not everyone takes the direct path towards what they want, and your partner will not always be able to keep up with your boredom-driven impulses. You require unwavering trust and support from your partner; make sure to reciprocate.

You’ll gravitate towards Capricorns.

Take a chance on a Pisces.

Keep away from Geminis.


All you want is for things to work out, so you have a tendency to put on blinders to the negative. Remember that not everything has to be perfect all the time, and arguments or differences can actually bring you closer. Relationships are about the journey, not the destination, so enjoy every little moment—even the heated ones.

You’ll gravitate towards Leos.

Take a chance on a Gemini.

Keep away from Capricorns.


Scorpios value passion and transformation, which often makes them get mistaken for shallow and superficial. But you are just the opposite, Scorpio. You crave the deepest of connections that can survive the biggest storms. You often get swept up in the excitement of these storms; make sure you love your partner with the same fervor even through the mundane.

You’ll gravitate towards Pisceans.

Take a chance on a Taurus.

Keep away from Libras.


Your love for adventure and all things cerebral can cause you to leave the people you love in the dust. Knowledge and experience are what you seek, and genuine connections are not your forte. You don’t have to give up your philosophies, freedom, or affinity to the abstract to have a rewarding relationship, but you will need to understand that your partner may not be as wide open as you. Experiment with true intimacy every now and then.

You’ll gravitate towards Aquarians.

Take a chance on a Gemini.

Keep away from Virgos.


Your love horoscope constantly has to advise you to show your partner the real you rather than the facade. You don’t see the point in doing anything if you aren’t going to give it your all. You’re asking a lot of intimacy and attention from your partner, which is hard for them to satisfy if you don’t let your own wall down, too. You don’t fall easily, but when you do, both of you better hold tight.

You’ll gravitate towards Virgos.

Take a chance on a Pisces.

Keep away from Leos.


Aquarians are hard to read, as they move through the world without showing much external emotion. You will go through life having many superficial relationships, but you are capable of creating meaningful connections if you really focus. You always love to be different and will find the challenge of a relationship rewarding, but there’s nothing wrong with some good ol’ fashioned companionship.

You’ll gravitate towards Sagittarians.

Take a chance on a Leo.

Keep away from Scorpios.


Your love horoscope has probably told you a few times to not expect a fairy tale out of every relationship. You are a very internal person, and sometimes you don’t realize that you aren’t express your love for your partner the way they need. Remember that a relationship takes more than one person, and you’ll need to put your feet on the ground every once in a while and be there for your loved ones in this universe.

You’ll gravitate towards Scorpios.

Take a chance on a Capricorn.

Keep away from Geminis.

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