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    How You Want To Be Loved, Based On Your Sign

    While we’re always looking at our partner’s sign or potential partners, how much do we actually look at our own sign and what tendencies we may have? Do you really know enough about yourself to know what you’re looking for and what type of partner would be best for you based on your zodiac sign?

    Below are the ways that you likely want to be loved according to your Sun Sign. Other factors could play into what you want but this is the very basic explanation based on your Zodiac sign.


    As a fiery ram, you prefer to be with someone who really inspires you, helps keep your fires burning, and is understanding of who you are. You crave to have someone who will totally get that you need personal time to yourself and that you really enjoy being very active.

    You’re not one to pine over your feelings but will stand up for yourself if you feel you’re not being treated well. It’s very likely you want a partner who will love your true self whether or not you have a hot temper. You actually prefer a partner who is level headed, calmer, and will help you balance yourself. 

    In terms of how you want to be loved, the best match for Aries people would be Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius as these signs would most probably give you what you need better than the other ones.


    You are a strong steady person who seeks someone who will absolutely be there for you always. You haven’t the time or patience for someone who doesn’t provide you with trust and a reason to want to spend time together. You want someone to form a lasting love with without drama or calamity.

    You love your work and you need someone who really gets this about you. You’re dedicated to everything and everyone you love so you expect the same respect. Someone giving you lots of adoration is a fantastic match as is someone who will give you great love to last you a lifetime.


    The Twin in the Zodiac is someone special who requires a person who can comprehend the depths of the Gemini. You probably want to be loved by someone who will give you personal freedom, stay just as busy as you are, and will love having adventures with you. You need someone who isn’t jealous and gives you lots of affection.

    You’re often doing lots of work or fun projects as you don’t like to spend too much time sitting still. Someone who is spontaneous and lots of fun will get your attention and win your heart. You desire someone who give you their all.


    The insecure crab personality needs a partner who will understand their sensitivity and be a strong, secure force for them. You want to feel as though you don’t have to worry about anything with your partner. You want trust to be easy and the love to be like a brick.

    Cancer wants someone stable, strong, and immovable. You want a family type of person who will live a life with you building what you love most in the world. A partner who can provide you with a vision of the future is what you really desire in this world. You want someone to make you feel solid and loved.


    You are full of personality and charisma Leo! When it comes down to finding love, you’re looking for someone who will keep up with you. Along with being social with you, and always look their best when they are at your side. You also prefer someone who will give you lots and lots of loving. Hugs, kisses, holding hands, and of course, intimacy are necessary.

    You want someone to give you personal space when you feel you require it. However, you do not want someone who gives you a hard time with you’re busy with work. Or, a project you’re giving all your energy toward. You’re a success and require a partner who is alright with you being in the limelight quite often.


    Virgo, you are the only person in the zodiac that can be with a partner and be totally at ease with it. It’s not that you don’t want it but you’re so strong that you know you don’t NEED someone. That being said, when you are open to love, you’re looking for someone you can really trust and will love you “as is”.

    You crave having a tranquil life that you can really enjoy without someone creating drama, lying, or mistreating you. You’re hard core though because if you’re not getting what you want, you will cut a person off. When or if you do find the right person, you’ll shine like a diamond.


    Libra your life is all about learning and maintaining balance. You don’t start out knowing how to do it but you learn with time and age. You want someone who will love you and aid to the calmness in your life. They may be a little different than you but complement you and make you feel as though all is well.

    You would love to be with someone who inspires you with their love and their own career talents. You love professional partners who have it together. Along with people who are working on their own lives while loving you and giving you as much attention as they can.


    The mighty Scorpio wants someone to love them with full passion. You want someone who is well grounded, isn’t insecure, knows how to please you, and will not ask you 101 questions. You don’t mind telling them who you are but that will take time and you are in no rush.

    The person who will love you right will actually take their time, not pressure you, and will understand when you need to take some time out to yourself. You prefer someone who inspires you and has their own goals to obtain instead of trying to rely on you.


    You are a free spirited heart Sagittarius! Sagittarius wants to be loved for who you are. You aren’t changing a thing about yourself for anyone unless it’s something you also feel needs to be worked on. They mostly want someone to keep up with you and be your partner in all your adventures.

    Someone who travels will definitely capture your heart because staying in one spot too long drives you nuts. You crave to have a partner who is open and spontaneous and doesn’t want to chain you up.


    Cappy, you really crave someone who will spend their lives with you fully. You want a best friend who gets who you are, you get who they are and you just meld together very well. Stability, security, and passionate love is what you need deep inside. A strong family ethic is really important to you as well. Having someone you can depend on it huge.

    Someone who is loyal and will always treat you respect is who you are looking for. The love you truly want is at your fingertips. Sometimes you don’t have to look very far as you can find what you’re looking for through friends.


    Ahh deep Aquarius… you are a strong person who wants to be loved by someone who understands that you need lots of time to yourself doing your own thing. They have to know there is no threat to you not spending every waking moment with them. Aquarius want to travel and do lots of fun activities with them but also have times where you’re alone.

    You prefer to be with someone who is very truthful, candid, and isn’t up for mind games. You don’t want drama and you don’t want trouble. Aquarius truly dig stability and basically want someone who will love you for you and not try to change you. The Aquarius man traits can sometimes get tricky in love, because of the strong desire to have their own freedom. This is why Aquarius women may have a slightly different vision of what they need in love compared to their male zodiac versions.


    As tender hearted as you are Pisces, you want someone who will appreciate how emotionally driven you are. You want someone that will dream with you and share their desires while also listening to yours. You want someone to travel to the clouds and beyond with your romantic heart.

    You’re more than willing to provide romance and passion to someone who makes love worth your while. You want your soul mate, someone that connects and feels you on a spiritual level, and someone who will “get” who you are.

    I truly hope this helps you figure out what you’re looking for and what type of mates would best suit your innermost desires. Knowing yourself is only half the battle. Now you can use this information to help you find the best connection possible to gain the love you truly want in your life.

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    Written by Anna Kovach

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