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Star-Gazing into the Near Future: This Week’s Love Horoscopes

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Aries Horoscope

Relatively good news, Aries: Your love horoscope tells you the sun entered your star sign on the 20th, and is here to stay for an entire month. That means that the already powerful personal influence you have on others will take on even more potency this month. You are intense and straightforward by nature, and it endears many to you, but this week it might be a good idea to place a little extra emphasis on sensitivity in your actions to others. This week’s Aries horoscope is heavy on romance and light on the mundane- just the way you like it.

The (not so) dark side of this day? The Full Moon is also entering your sign! This could lead to conflicts between your personal concerns and those of your partner or love interest, but it can also make you more viscerally aware of their needs than usual. To complicate matters, Venus and Mars are in a head-on collision at this time, so a meteoric rise of temper could result if you’re not careful! Your desires may be intensified now, and fulfilling them takes on more importance than it has in a while. That’s okay if you can go with the flow and keep your expectations and frustrations in check as you enjoy this renewed motivation. You’ve already got a big appetite for life, but it may be even more ravenous than usual right now.

If you felt a slight invasion into your privacy on the 26th, don’t worry- it was just Venus giving you a gentle nudge within. Venus’s presence in your privacy sector gives you the calm and quietude you need to go more deeply into yourself and unearth your true desires.

Taurus Horoscope

Taurus, Mars and Uranus have made a grand entrance into your sign together, urging your normally calm, laconic charm into action. If you’re single and have been looking for a way to express your feelings to someone special, you may be especially motivated to do so now. For those of you in romantic relationships, you may uprooted by the sudden need to make changes- even radical ones that may be uncharacteristic for you. It’s a classic case of “out with the old, in with the new”, but in relationships this could simply mean it’s time to let go of old patterns and forge new ones.

Just make sure the changes you make are purposeful and will benefit you in the long run- not just knee-jerk reactions to Uranus’s several-year stint in your sign. It doesn’t leave until 2026, so changes should evolve with time and be built to last. Astrology today is complicated, so use this general advice for Taureans in March to make decisions that will benefit you personally.

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini, your social spirits may be soaring as the end of the month nears. Many single Geminis could potentially find love through or out with friends. But you are also experiencing profound inner changes as Mars and Uranus transit through your twelfth house of dreams and intuition. You’re fueled by a strong desire to rid yourself of old habits or patterns so that you can improve and expand in your love life. Letting go of negative attachments and making room for new ones is a central theme in your life right now, and this applies to romance, too. Gemini star signs are spontaneous, and your trademark impulsivity might be a little heightened right now- so don’t let it distract you from the heart of important matters. You may be strengthening shaky areas in your life or relationship, and are likely to be successful in doing so.

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer, your daily horoscope reveals that you may have been experiencing delays of some kind in your romantic life, but by the 28th, things may get moving again. You tend to be a creature of habit, but the end of this month finds you moved by the spirit of adventure. Uranus recently entered your social sector and is here to stay (another 7 years!). During this cycle, it’s likely you’ll be meeting new and unusual people who inspire you and introduce you to a world of exciting possibilities. Of all the zodiac signs, yours is the one that is most focused on security. But you may have to take a few risks to make the most of the exciting changes to come.

Is there a relationship that has either lost some of its luster or been relegated to the past? The end of March finds you yearning to either revive an old bond or feelings. On the 26th, Venus stepped into the light and is in harmony with your sign. Just two days later, Mercury turns direct, adding focus to your feelings and mindfulness toward your actions. So if you’re one of the many Cancers who will be mooning over an old love or place and time, the chances are high that you’ll be rewarded in some way by your desire.

Leo Horoscope

Leo, this has been an intense month for you, and it’s going out with a bang! You may be feeling as though you were trudging through muddy waters throughout March, but now the pace picks up significantly. In matters of the heart, you may feel like you’ve been in the dark for a while and are finally stepping out into the light to be warmed by your native sun. The sun has brightened up your spirit sector upon its entry on the 20th, and there’s a sudden spotlight on romantic differences with your partner. You may be moved by a desire to close those gaps, and you have a heavy investment in your partner or love interest’s reaction to you. A little space and time to clear your head is likely to help the conflict resolve naturally.

If you’re single, you may have been feeling like a fish out of water rather than optimistic about finding your fish in the sea. But this is likely coming to an end, as late March endows you with a stronger sense of what you want- and the calm confidence to pursue it by whatever means necessary in your leo horoscope.

Instantgo – Relationship Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

Virgo, your predominant focus in March has been relationships, and it will continue that way into April. There is a high emphasis on your partnership sector throughout the entirety of March, so you’ll need to see it through to the end (and beyond). The great news is that your relationships are likely to be in a state of satisfaction right now! For partnered Virgos, it’s a time for making memories and cherishing one another. Single Virgos will be compelled by an intuitive need to connect on a deeper level. There’s a high possibility of starting an important new relationship in which sparks will fly. You’re in the right mental space to take a chance and see where they land. You may be exploring your feelings about and approach to relationships in general.

If you were feeling stagnated earlier this month, your horoscope sign tells you that relationship matters are moving full steam ahead from here. You’re likely to be awarded for the trust you put in the process of reevaluating your romantic needs, wishes, and relationships in early and mid-March. And there’s even better news! While the rest of us were reeling from Mercury’s retrograde from the 5th to 28th, you may have transcended it- or at least escaped it relatively unscathed. Communication is especially favorable for you toward the end of March, when your creative ideas attract the interest and admiration of others.

Libra Horoscope

Libra, Uranus entered your intimacy sector this month, and is in it for the long haul (until 2026). This, along with the transit of Mars in your sign, brings your attention to adjustments that need to be made. You may have been putting them off for a while, but your intimate relationships are in need of some renovation. That’s okay- all relationships go through transformative phases, and yours is now. If you’re single, you will be going through some intense personal transformations that can help open your mind and heart to the right person in the near future. Either way, sudden insight is imminent, and the time is right to let go of old, possibly compulsive behaviors that no longer suit the direction you’re taking into the future.

All of these changes are intensified by the movement of fiery Mars through your intimacy sector until the last day of March. Mars favors instant gratification and does not like to be stymied by denial or even slow learning. So its presence in your intimacy sector may make for some turbulent discoveries, but the emotions that surge to the surface ultimately bring positive long-term changes.

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio, March has been a month for dealing with unfinished business. But there is also a strong focus on romance, relationships, and pleasure. You may feel stuck in a rut while Mercury is in retrograde in your romance and creativity sector from March 5th-28th. But with Venus in your fifth house, love and emotion intensifies within your home and family in the coming weeks. You could be feeling even more romantically inclined than usual. If you’re a single Scorpio, it’s very possible that love is in their air for you. There’s a good chance of meeting someone new through a family member or a very close friend. Your weekly Scorpio horoscope shows that your immediate environment enhances your romantic mood and fosters flourishing romance.

Sagittarius Horoscope

For Sagittarius, there is a strong emphasis on home, family, and personal matters for you. Reorganizing your home and dealing with past problems in new, more effective ways take top priority. Your support system is strong, and you are bolstering your support of others, too. With Mercury in retrograde, some of the past problems you’re revisiting could seem to blow up in your face, but will probably blow over by the 28th, when Mercury leaves retrograde. The sun has moved into a playful, romantic sector of your chart, and this transit is like to rouse your affections and desire to share them with a special someone.

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Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn, there is a very positive emphasis on your communication sector right now. Your current ways of connecting to yourself or your love interest may be outdated, and now you’re likely to find new, more satisfying ways to connect. Uranus moves into your solar fifth house, and is here for keeps (at least until 20126). What does that mean, Capricorn? There is an added dimension of excitement surrounding romance and creativity. You’re soft and playful at the moment, and you unconventional people or situations like a magnet. If you’re single, be on the look-out for someone who at least brings a powerful element of change into your life.

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces, this is an opportune time to rethink some important aspects of your life. Uranus has become a long-term guest in your solar third house, adding a new dimension of ideas to your world and bringing out unexpected communications. You may feel a sudden yearning for emotional transparency, but just remember to think before you speak so as not to startle others with the intensity of your revelations. Your thought processes are changing, so the way you communicate with partners and love interest changes, too. Whether single or attached, tie up loose ends before moving forward into the next chapter of your life.

Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius, you’ve got a lot on your mind! With Mars in your sector of home and family and Uranus moving into this section for years to come, old problems will be dredged up, challenging you to make necessary changes. Many of these changes may be in domestic matters. Your home life may not feel as secure as it has for a while, but whether you’re single or in love, the changes propel you forward in new directions. However, you may experience some inner conflict between your need for change and your need for security. Detaching yourself from those things that keep you stuck in a rut is a compelling theme right now.

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