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    Your August 5-11 Horoscope

    The energy this week will be determined largely by the Sun and Mars’s placement in Leo. Both of which will remain there until mid-August. This is a time of passion, intensity, and relinquishing any fear of the spotlight. Mars is our most aggressive planet, ruling sex and anger. It encourages action and impulse rather than introspection and contemplation. Read your August 5-11 horoscope depending on your sign and see what’s coming your way this week.

    Knowing when to take advantage of this active energy and when to take a beat and consider your options is essential to a happy Leo season with limited drama and anxiety. You’ll feel more impassioned and confident to take risks. However, keep in mind that careful Saturn is still in retrograde and will not reward excessive indulgence in impulse.

    Wednesday brings a trine between the Sun and Jupiter, affording the opportunity for unapologetic opportunism. Try to squeeze all the life you can out of this day. The planets will reward relentless pursuit. The Jupiter moves into a trine with Venus the following day, making Thursday perfect for making a move in a potential romance that’s been slowly building. 

    The biggest day of the week is Sunday when Uranus enters retrograde and Jupiter exits and goes directs. Both of these planets have a big hand in the concept of transformation, so do not take these directional changes lightly. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Leo on this day as well, heightening the possibility of emotional performances. Be careful not to say things in the heat of the moment that you may regret later. Language has more power than we often realize.


    Impulse can be used as an opportunity when inspired by positive energy. Impulse gets you into trouble when you are blinded by heated emotion. Be opportunistic this week, but remember the value of having a plan in place, even if you have to diverge from it at some point. 


    When the Sun and Mars are hanging out together in Leo, it’s a great opportunity to let your heart do the talking. You don’t have to sacrifice total rationality, but it’s a great time to try to take some risks. Resist the urge to lock yourself within your own walls. Knockdown a few weak bricks when you can. 


    Have you been communicating to your best ability? You tend to act based on emotion, but not everyone can read your mind, so your motives and desires often seem unclear to even those close to you. If you’re going to do something drastic or unusual, don’t be surprised when people need an explanation. 


    You’re no stranger to self-care, Cancer, but wellness is not just about a face mask, a glass of wine, and a night of alone time binge-watching your favorite show. Take a look at how you care for yourself on a day to day basis, not just how you create time for yourself every once in a while. Serve yourself in your relationships and career decisions this week. 


    Do you feel inspired this week, Leo? Take advantage of any burst of creative, intellectual, or physical energy this week. There will be a lot of opportunities for fulfillment, so focus on what you can genuinely get out of a new idea or moment of positive energy rather than what you can show people from it.


    Are you suppressing your emotions to make life more comfortable? You are rational and strong, but that doesn’t make you cold and unfeeling. In fact, extreme emotion is often the most rational response to pain, trauma, and loss. 


    Have you ever considered that your people-pleasing, diplomacy, or “hands-off” philosophy surrounding drama and conflict may actually be more inflammatory than active confrontation? There’s a difference between stirring the pot and being honest about how you feel. 


    This week is likely to bring some career opportunities, but you have to go get them. Optimism and positivity will serve you well as you chase your dreams, and will help you sustain minimal damages when you go through rough patches. 


    Go after your wildest dreams this week, Sag. The stars are on your side. Play into your natural adventurous side and take a risk. There is a lot out there that is yours for the taking, and this week provides a clear path to advance towards the things you really want. 


    Intimacy is the name of the game this week, as your passionate and romantic sign heats up on Wednesday. No need to label or flesh out any details this week. Just experience the people you are with rather than try to map out the meaning of those experiences. 


    Keep it light this week, Aquarius. We know you’re on a path to save the world, but you don’t want to get burned out. Let your hair down and have a little fun. The best opportunities present themselves when you’re not necessarily paying attention.


    In order to succeed in the external parts of your life, you need to make sure you are relatively stable internally. You have a lot of opportunities coming up regarding your career, love life, and friendships, but you need to be right with yourself to make those things happen. Don’t wait to form good habits—start this week.

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