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    Your Horoscope For May 27th-June 2nd

    There isn’t a ton of planetary transit happening this week, except for when the moon enters Aries on Tuesday (May 28th) afternoon. After an emotional period in Pisces, this transit could be a good opportunity for a fresh start in specific sectors of your life. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are still in retrograde, however, and will be for quite some time, so don’t get cocky and impulsive. These planets’ retrograde will typically reward methodical and thoughtful approaches to change.


    You may feel overwhelmed with emotion on Tuesday when the moon enters your sector in the afternoon. Rather than pushing any anger aside or conversely lashing out in reaction to your own frustrations, take a minute to just sit with and experience your emotions. Action is not always the answer.


    There is not shame in needing help, but even those closest to you can’t read your mind, so you’ll have to ask. Have patience with yourself, forgive your imperfections, and don’t be afraid to lean on someone this week.


    You are often a person of extremes, and could a learn a lot from your air sign sister Libra about balance. The world is not black and white, so when things aren’t exactly as you planned or expected this week, be conscious of your tendency to self-sabotage and resist it.


    You are a caretaking figure in many people’s lives even if you don’t know it. Your maternal instincts will be high this week, and you can benefit from leaning into those tendencies. Taking care of someone can be a thankless task, so remember that you don’t have to be perfect to be supportive.


    This summer will be all about patience, Leo, and this week will offer plenty of opportunities to practice. Try to gain a new understanding of a conflict and see if you can empathize with another perspective.


    Your instincts are usually pretty on point, but it’s easy for that gut feeling to lead to unfair judgment. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt this week. You can’t control everyone, and learning about other people—even if they aren’t the type that you want to foster a relationship with—can help you grow and understand the world more comprehensively.


    Things have been feeling good, but that may be partly because you’ve been pushing aside something that has the potential to really bother you. Being vulnerable isn’t easy or fun, especially for the happy-go-lucky air sign, but it can teach you a lot about yourself. Try to forgive, accept, and understand others this week.


    Compassion and manipulation are ot mutually exclusive, and you often blur the lines. Ask yourself if your desire for intimacy is truly genuine, or if you have ulterior that you aren’t willing to admit to. Are you pushing someone in your life to far?


    Loving yourself is a really admirable trait, but it shouldn’t get in the way of your personal growth. If you are really serious about improving yourself, you will hold onto that self-love while also demanding more from yourself.


    You may, for once, get some peace this week. Relish in the comfort you’ve been feeling, whether that’s coming from your family, friends, significant other, or self-love. Don’t guilt yourself out of comfort.


    This is a great week to socialize and build relationships. The moon is moving into your communication sector on Tuesday, so you will get deep, emotional satisfaction from collaboration and relationship development.


    You are quite susceptible to emotional ruts, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and expressing yourself in new ways is a great cure. You don’t have to come to terms with every trauma or conflict you’ve ever had this week. Sometimes it’s just about coping, which you can do through compassion and creativity.

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