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    Who is the Libra?

    As Virgo season comes to an end and we enter Libra season, you may be wondering who exactly the 7th sign of the zodiac really is. Represented by the image of a scale, Libras are known for their commitment to balance and diplomacy. Libras don’t like to tip the scale. They’d rather maintain a general equilibrium and keep everyone happy. 

    Is Balance Always a Good Thing?

    One of the downsides of this mentality means that the Libra will often sacrifice their values in order to avoid ruffling any feathers. This can make them come off as wishy-washy and passive. Standing their ground and asserting their opinions isn’t their strength. Even when they do try to push back on someone else’s opinion, they try to do so in the most respectable and indirect way possible. Therefore, it can be way less inefficient than just stating what they think.

    The Libra’s love of balance and fear of conflict might lead you to believe that they are immune to drama. If you know any Libras, however, you’ve probably seen that this is not the case. Libras are so committed to making sure that everyone is happy that they end up sticking their nose in places that it doesn’t belong. Their intentions are valiant. However, they constantly trying to fix their friends’ problems can put them in the middle of situations that they shouldn’t be in in the first place. This not only causes frustration for the other people involved. But, also a lot of unnecessary mental exhaustion for the Libra herself. 

    What do Libras Desire?

    A Libra’s one main desire is to be surrounded by love. They not only desire a romantic relationship that provides unconditional love and support, but also a strong group of friends that they can count on. All air signs are external people who feed off the energy around them. If things start to go wrong in their relationships, a Libra’s whole system will get all out of whack. 

    Libras are skilled at crafting responses and fashioning masks that help them fit in with whatever crowd they’re in. They are truly the socialites of the zodiac. This can make it difficult to get past their performances. Also finding out who they truly are and what they really desire out of life. If you’re pursuing a close relationship with a Libra, give them time to comfortably open up before you write them off as shallow. It’s not that they’re fake, they are just protective of their vulnerable self. Show them that you are worth trusting with their true identity. 

    Who are Libras Compatible With?

    Libras are typically compatible with air and fire signs. Air signs see the world in a more positive and eccentric light than reality usually permits, so Libras will strike an immediate connection with their element siblings. They also do well with fire signs, who see the world as an adventure that keeps on giving. 

    Libras are less likely to maintain close connections with earth and water signs, who take life more cynically and seriously because they value positivity and general goodness so much. But they aren’t just hollow air signs constantly masking themselves. If a water or earth sign is patient with the Libra, they may find that their genuine side is more compelling than they ever thought.

    Libras will love pretty much anyone who adores them in return, but that won’t lead to a strong, lasting relationship. Still, Libras need fun and happiness to be at the core of their connections. Some couples and friends value deeper and more serious characteristics in their relationships. A Libra certainly won’t shirk things like trust and earnest with their partner. But at the end of the day, what they really need is someone who constantly reminds them that the world is an overall positive place.

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