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    Your August 12-18 Horoscope

    All the Leo energy in the air (Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury) enhances our innate need for validation, and we often sacrifice parts of ourselves to feel a sense of belonging or being appreciated. Leos aren’t exactly about conformity, but there’s not much of a point for them to be outrageous if there aren’t people there to appreciate it or be impressed by it. Read your August 12-18 horoscope below and find out what’s coming your way this week.

    August 15

    On August 15th, there will be a full moon in Aquarius—probably the biggest event of the week—and it should lower that need for external approval and amplify your sense of individuality. Whether you’re a total rebel or like to go with the flow, embracing your inner outcast will do you some good on Wednesday. People respect genuine authenticity more than blind compliance, so don’t be afraid to push against the grain. 

    August 18

    August 18th brings a Sunday Mars transition in Virgo, allowing our more inflammatory tendencies to calm down a bit. This Mars asks us to check our impulses and plan before we make any overly aggressive moves. There will be productive energy in the air after this transition, so plan out your week carefully so that you can make the most of it. Work may be a little tense with everyone around you striving for perfection, so keep your head down and focus on what you’re doing.


    This is a great week for socialization. Put together event or outing that will make you truly happy, even if it’s just brunching with a few close friends. Leadership is not just necessary in the professional world. Sometimes you have to take your social life by the horns. 


    How healthy are your relationships where there is some sort of power imbalance? Whether it’s work, family, friendship, or romance, not every relationship always feels equal. If this is causing problems in your life, address them with objectivity and equilibrium in mind. 


    Do something big this week. Whether it’s a new adventure, telling someone how you feel, or pursuing a passion with newfound earnest, do what you feel will make you happy. Nothing is holding you back anymore. 


    Use this Aquarius full moon on Wednesday for some serious introspection and emotional alone time. It’s a good opportunity to recharge and take stock of your priorities. You are happiest when you are happy with yourself. 


    Present people with the most real version of yourself that you can, instead of a performative version of it. It’s okay if you’re not comfortable enough in your skin to be totally wide open and vulnerable. Take steps towards authenticity. You don’t have to try to be someone else. 


    You’ll likely be back on your bullsh*t this week, Virgo, but that’s actually a good thing. Just make sure you focus that planning, micro-managing energy towards stuff you can actually manage. Trying to control things that you just can’t have control over will lead to wasted time and energy.


    Don’t invest in your own individuality for the sake of other people. Look at your growth into your most authentic self as a benefit to you, not a way to boost your popularity. Otherwise, you will just be switching out your one mask for another. You are the only judge that matters.


    You are a subjective thing, and not everyone is going to read you the same way. When you stop performing and start doing things for you, not everyone is going to be on board all of a sudden. Invest in yourself, not other people’s perceptions of yourself. 


    Don’t try so hard to make every moment exactly what you wanted. We know that as a Sag, you see every moment of your life as valuable and fleeting, but sometimes not-so-great things happen, disrupting your expectations. That doesn’t mean your plans are completely ruined. Make some lemonade out of even the crappiest lemons this week. 


    The Aquarius full moon lights up your 10th house this week, so it’s a good time to dive into your most practical and cautionary side. You are extremely ambitious and want to do something big with your life, but if you want stability, too, you’ve got too put some effort into that as well. Try to balance your exciting plans for life with a little bit of pragmatism this week. 


    Are you at a fork in the road right now? Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to keep pursuing something you’ve been working towards for a long time or divulging on a brand new path that you’re more excited about. Choose whatever is going to make you feel like your most authentic self, even if it’s a little risky. 


    Sometimes it’s all too much, and you need to escape the real world to process everything. Not everybody understands the value of assessing your emotions and options before taking action, but sometimes putting a problem on the backburner is the best thing you can do to clear your head. You will know when you’ve reached clarity and are ready for the next step. 

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