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    Your August 19-25th Horoscope

    The biggest event this week is the Sun’s transition into Virgo on August 23rd. Virgo season is a time for self-advancement, careful planning, and total badassery. It’s a great opportunity to reorganize your life, whether that means cleaning out your desk or cutting ties with people that don’t influence your life in a positive way. Virgos are unapologetically self-assured and they always go after what they want. “Virgo season reminds us it’s better to do something right instead of rushed,” explains VICE staff astrologer Annabel Gat. Read your August 19-25th horoscope and see what is coming your way this week.


    Whether you’re going back to school or not, it’s a good time to get in touch with that hyper-organized and excited kid that exists at the beginning of a new academic year. It’s somewhere deep inside you, and you should try to access that juvenile feeling of eagerness and enthusiasm. Gather all the tools you need to work on something new. 


    Virgo season is a great opportunity to be vulnerable. Your fellow Earth sign shares your love of careful planning and methodical organization, so that side of will come naturally over the next month. What you can learn from the Virgo and try to emulate during her season is the ability to listen to your impulses and follow your heart. You don’t have to follow every whim, but try to get out of your comfort zone. 


    You may feel your inner homebody eclipsing your typically social disposition. Don’t fight it! If your body and mind are telling you to stay in a few more nights this week, listen. You can recharge yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


    Where many people get in touch with themselves and their alone time during Virgo season, you are feeling particularly chatty and energetic. Without the intensity of Leo season weighing you down, you have a little room to breathe—and to dance! Prioritize fun and friends this week.


    As we reach the end of Leo season, you’re starting to calm down a little bit. You may already start to feel the grounding pull of Virgo season and it might be a good idea to just focus on the real world rather than trying to bolster your existential place in it. Just because you take life a little more seriously for the next few weeks doesn’t mean you have to be a totally different person. 


    We know you want to do something incredible with your life, but are you taking the steps to get there? Virgo season is the perfect opportunity to step into your most organized, self-assured self and go after the things you want both methodically and passionately. If you can balance your Type A side with your impulsive, passionate one, you will have the tools to conquer the world. 


    Tie up some loose ends this week. Back-to-Back Cancer/Leo season can always create some messes that seem uncleanable, but now that Virgo season is around the corner, picking up pieces and making amends doesn’t feel so daunting. Exercise the innate maturity that Virgos are known for. 


    Many people see Virgos as methodical robots, but impulse and ambition are some of their main traits. This means that though Virgo season is a great time for planning, it’s also a great opportunity to use those organizational tools to go out and do something big. Focus on action and energy this week.


    It’s possible that you’ll turn into a workhorse this week, and it’s good to capitalize on those moments of career-based inspiration and energy. You have a tendency to get bored easily, so make sure that even when you’re pushing yourself a little harder than usual, you’re still doing so in a sustainable way. You’re not usually the best at recovering from burnout. 


    This week will bring opportunities in the academic realm. If you’re in school, get organized and excited. You’ll be ready for what’s to come. If you’re not in the academic sector, pick up a book or article and take advantage of this intellectual energy by trying to learn something.


    You may feel the intensity ramping up in your close relationships. When you get tangled up with someone, you often end up feeling restricted, but that doesn’t mean cutting the cord is the best way out. Methodically solving the problem and working your way out of the mess together will strengthen your relationship. If you completely cut ties, you may never recover the connection you had.


    You feel romantic during Virgo season, needing attention and connection from those you love. This time of year, however, is more career-oriented and less lovey-dovey for others, so be patient with your partner or the crush you’re pursuing. You may find yourself in a position of necessary compromise.

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