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Your Horoscope For July 1-7

Mars moves into Leo on July 1st, kicking off your week with a burst of sexual and/or creative energy. Mars rules our passionate side, and when it goes into fierce Leo, all bets are off. The planet’s risk-taking energy will be exacerbated when combined with the confidence and daring of the Leo sector. Remember that careful Saturn is still in retrograde, and boundaries are as important than ever, so don’t use the Leo Mars as an excuse to be rash. Mars’ transit through this sector has generally positive influences at first, so allow it to empower you in taking that tough step towards becoming your most authentic self. Read your horoscope for July 1-7 below.

On Sunday, the Mars/Leo energy could turn more hostile and aggressive. Some negative energy could bubble up in your closer relationships as Mercury goes into retrograde until the 31st. Mercury and Mars will both be in Leo, but Mercury’s backspin may bring out the self-centered, egotistical side of the fire sign. You, along with those who are important to you, may forget that communication is about the relationship, not the self, allowing drama to stir with ease. Try not to lose perspective. 


Your ruling planet is transiting through a fellow fire sign for the next month and a half, so you’ll be firing on all cylinders. Focusing on the parts of your life that you’re truly passionate about is always a good idea, but during this Mars/Leo matchup, you’ll want to do so unapologetically. Don’t worry about what other people will say. It’s good to dream big. 


As Mars enters Leo, it’s also entering your fourth house, so a lot of the energy coming from that transit will be best channelled towards productivity in the household. A little domestic cleansing is always good for the soul, and now is a great time to pitch what is cluttering up your space or rearrange your living room altogether. If you live with someone else, this is a great time to carve out a specific section of the house that is just for you if you haven’t already.


Though the Mars/Leo matchup will surely ramp up your sex drive, don’t forget about your important platonic relationships this week. You are typically heavily affected by Mercury retrogrades, so you need to make sure that you’ve got your ducks in a row by Sunday. If you’re thinking about taking a risk, the first week of July is your best bet. Otherwise, wait until August. 


You’re going to feel a huge surge of career-oriented energy when Mars goes into Leo. Therefore, keep your head down and chug away this week. You’re not one to define the quality of your day by how much you got done. However, if you listen to this transit and work extra hard, you’ll end up feeling exceptionally fulfilled come Friday.


Leo season is coming a little bit early this year. As the Mars transit into your transit will incite a bout of confidence and energy. This is a good time to look ahead and figure out where you want this energy to take you in the long run. Make sure your path to success doesn’t involve stepping on other people to get ahead; as that will come back to bite you. Use your confidence to aid collaboration and trust, not arrogance and insensitivity. 


You’re one of the few signs who will not feel particularly energized by the ars movement into Leo. You are all about productivity, planning, and making your own success, but even you need a little downtime.  Take a night that is reserved specifically for you-time and doesn’t feel even a little guilty about it. No matter what is on your to-do list.


This is a great week to hone your classic Libra inner socialite. You’ll feel confident energy in and around you thanks to the Mars transit into Leo. So use it to go out and make some new friends. You don’t need to have the time of your life—just to flex those social butterfly muscles.


This week is all about focus. Many signs will feel extra social thanks to the Mars transit into Leo. However, this will light up your tenth house. So the burst of energy will be best spent on career moves and internal growth. Keep your head down and go get ‘em.


Optimism is your friend, Sagittarius, and you’ll have it by buckets this week! Some people may get annoyed by your sunny perspective, but little do they know how far it will take you! Don’t waste this energy. Action will serve you well this week.


If this Mars transit is heating up anyone’s sex drive, it’s yours, Capricorn. You aren’t typically wholly fulfilled by an active sex life, but it may be a big motivator for you this week. To get the most out of this temporary libido, practice vulnerability. 


Do you have your eye on someone, Aquarius? This week may be the opportunity to take a risk and go for it. You are always trying to protect number one, but it’s time to break down some walls, drop that ego, and do something scary before Mercury’s retrograde hits. 


You’ll need to get your head out of the clouds and focus up this week, Pisces. There are a lot of opportunities for success and productivity this week, but you’ll need to keep that dreamy disposition at bay for a bit. Be yourself, but tighten up a little during the Mars transit through Leo. 

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