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    Your Horoscope For The Week of April 22nd-28th

    This week begins with quite the disruption as ego-centric sun holds its annual summit with Uranus on Monday, April 22nd. It’s the first time this meet up has happened in Taurus season since 1942, and it could test the foundation of areas in your life that you thought were solid and dependable. If you start to feel overwhelmed by big life changes that you have no control over, resist the urge to follow emotion and approach them rationally.

    Pluto in retrograde

    On Wednesday, Pluto shifts into retrograde, where it will stay until October 3rd. Pluto rules power and control, so though it’s the furthest away, its retrograde can be intense. You may feel like something important to you has been abruptly ripped from your hands. Again, don’t spend your energy desperately trying to grasp at straws. Take a practical approach and decide what is worth taking Pluto on for—sometimes a clean slate is a good thing.


    The Sun-Uranus summit happens in your money sector this Taurus season. You begin to see changes in your financial situation, but channel your inner bull and stay grounded, focused, and strong. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by positive and negative changes in your bank account. Take a beat.


    This is your time of year, but it may bring a little more change than you’d prefer. Uranus is known for throwing curveballs, and this is the first time in almost a century that it meets the sun in your sector, so brace yourself for some unexpected action out of left field. Look inside yourself and ask what you really want from yourself and what you need from others. If you need to make some dramatic changes to achieve those goals, now is the time. Don’t be shy.


    As Uranus meets the Sun in your 12th house, it’s time for some serious introspection. Don’t be hasty, but listen to your gut. You love being social, but doing the hard work to form meaningful relationships isn’t your forte. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’re incapable. Reach out and give.


    Uranus and the Sun are meeting in your soulmate Taurus’s sector and your eleventh house, which governs friendship, colleagues, and community. You may start to feel an abrupt shift in your social circles and dating life. Go out there and grab life by the horns.


    You may feel yourself becoming irritable and restless—more and more desperate to take radical action. But Pluto retrograde inside Capricorn’s methodical energy will not take kindly to brash and arbitrary progression, especially if it’s done out of arrogance, egotism, or self-indulgence. Remember that though baby steps are not as satisfying, they are still a form of productivity.


    Pluto’s retrograde and the Uranus-Sun summit in Taurus will inspire big changes, which is always welcome to a Virgo. This is not, however, an excuse to go rogue. Change isn’t all about tearing everything down and starting brand new. Right now, it’s about adjusting to what you have been given and making the most of it.


    As Uranus and the Sun meet in your 8th house of permanent, close connection, you will feel the urge to forge a new intense relationship. Don’t be hasty. New relationships begin with boundaries, and trying to break them all down at once can get messy.


    Small changes can make you feel like the world is crashing down or conspiring against you, and this week will probably inspire quite a few alterations that you’re not particularly fond of. Now is a time to practice your maturity, flexibility, and ability to smile through the pain. Don’t be afraid to reconsider the heavy things in your life, just try to take a more pragmatic approach.


    This week will spark motivation and fire within you, Sagittarius. But remember that Pluto’s retrograde lasts from Wednesday until early October, so you don’t want to burn all your energy out right now. We know you’re ready for big changes and projects, but don’t be afraid to take the scenic route. There’s no rush. Relish the process.


    Your fourth house of passion and romance is about to heat up as Uranus and the Sun hold their annual summit within it. For once, allow yourself to succumb to your wildest pleasures. That doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to completely lose your cool, cautious head. Let loose, but be yourself.


    If you’re feeling held down by someone or something, now is the time to make the change. Be sincere and sensitive in this change, as it may hurt someone that you love deep down. But independence is your number one priority, and you’ll never be truly happy in a situation where you can’t let that flourish. Ask for space, but don’t forget to reassure your counterparts that it’s not a slight against them.


    You let things run wild in your mind, but aren’t always great at being that carefree in a tangible, active way. That’s not something you have to change about yourself in the long term, but this week is a good time to get out there and do. Don’t be afraid to emphasize the true oddball inside and go after things with enthusiasm. That’s the only way to fall in love.

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