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Your Horoscope For The Week Of May 20th-26th

The sun and Mercury slide into Gemini on Tuesday, which will make for an interesting month regarding communication, action, and relationship dynamics. Gemini season can be a dramatic one, as it entails lots of unpredictable flux and inexplicable turbulence. You may experience some weird surprises and sticky situations, and with Mercury moving into the sector as well, you’ll have to work extra hard to stabilize your communication skills and resist combative impulses.

But Gemini season isn’t all uncontrollable ups and downs and shaky foundations. It’s a time for active self-care and playful socialization. Don’t take your relationships too seriously this month—just enjoy them. When Cancer season rolls around next month, we can start looking more seriously at the future. For now, experience the present.


Taurus season had you feeling more productive and focused than usual, but Gemini season will have you feeling more socially energetic than you have been for the past few weeks. Reach out to people you don’t normally spend time with, whether it’s inviting a distant friend out to a bar with your core group or having lunch with a coworker you’re not that close with. This month, it’s more the merrier. 


Gemini season will be a good one for work and money, as the sun lights up your second house, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a total workhorse. When you’re done with work for the day, what is it you look forward to? Treat yourself to a pleasure that makes you feel most you.


Gemini season is your time, so why not try living in the present? You can be inwardly turbulent because you worry so much about past and future events that you have no control. Drop your anxieties as best you can and enjoy the moment this week.


You often function as the parent of the group. You love to be relied on and don’t want to be dependent yourself. Find beauty in vulnerability this week. There is strength in asking for help when you need it.


The relationships you build at work are just as important as the work you are doing. You are often perceived as a ruthless leader, which can be unpopular amongst some people. Whether it’s attending a networking event, asking a coworker out for a drink, or not hogging the metaphorical mic at your next meeting, focus on connections as the sun moves into Gemini and your eleventh house of community and teamwork.


Gemini becomes the home of the sun and your ruling planet—Mercury—on Tuesday, so its time to buckle down and focus. Gemini season can bring a lot of turbulence, which you’re not used to, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a good thing. Prepare as best you can, take a deep breath, and relax. Communication will be key in the coming days.


You are not a particularly adventurous, spontaneous, or impulsive person, but Gemini season may have you itching to try something new. As you grow and expand into greener pastures, keep your feet on the ground. New experiences and relationships are exciting, but don’t leave those that have been there for you through the long haul on the backburner.


It’s time for some serious you-time. You are always trying to intimately understand everyone around you, but how intimately do you know yourself? This week, don’t just take a look at who you are, look at who you are becoming. Transformation is a part of being oneself.


You’re not feeling as energetic as you usually are, and that’s okay! You don’t always have to be the life of the party. We know you are fiercely independent, but do you understand that leaning on others doesn’t change that? Seek out those you know will lift you up and prioritize deeper partnerships.


We’re not gonna ask you to stop taking on more projects and more work—we know that’s a lost cause! But not everything valuable in life can be documented or monetized. Try delegating a little more this week and make some time for self-care and quality time with the people that make it all worthwhile.


When the sun flies into Gemini and your childish fifth house, you’re not going to feel as productive and focused as you were throughout Taurus season. Enjoy the carefree energy when it suddenly runs through you. Take lots of breaks, do something creative, and enjoy life this week.


Not everyone’s burdens are yours to bear. Take some active time for yourself this week—learn a new recipe, plant a spring vegetable, write something down. Taking time for yourself that doesn’t involve laying on the couch and watching TV will cleanse and energize you. 

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