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    Your Horoscope For July 8-14

    Cancer season is usually a fun one. It entices us to kick back with the people we love and enjoy what life has given us thus far. But no party can last forever, and this week will likely whip you back to a more serious reality if you’re not prepared. On Tuesday, strict Saturn in serious Capricorn will sit in perfect opposition to the Sun in Cancer, forcing our lackadaisical summer attitudes to come face-to-face with our long term goals. It’s good to have a little fun, especially this time of year, but Tuesday is a good time to reassess how your current lifestyle is negatively affecting your work or serious relationships.

    Another intense matchup happens on Thursday when Leo Mars and Taurus Uranus create a dramatic and imbalanced square. Mars is an aggressive and emotional sign whereas Uranus is all about objectivity and forward-thinking. Try to stay humble today and not let that ego get in the way of really thinking about something or listening to someone else’s potentially stimulating ideas. Knowledge is power, and it’s not often that the loudest person in the argument is the winner.

    Be open to new possibilities

    We have another opposition on Sunday, when Pluto in Capricorn rests perfectly opposite to the Cancer Sun. This will intensify the July 7-31 retrograde and require you to prioritize clear communication and your world-class interpretive skills. You may feel like you’re having trouble figuring people out today, especially people you’re not super familiar with. Remember that it is possible to be kind and open to new possibilities while also exercising a degree of caution. 

    Mercury went into retrograde on Sunday, which will make for some rough moments in every aspect of your life. Some people thrive when their communication skills are put to the test, while others crumble. It’s important to remember through this backspin that life will constantly be throwing curveballs at you, retrograde or no retrograde, and if you try to avoid them altogether, you’ll end up striking out pretty quickly. 


    While you move through the world with clear direction and drive, your fiery passion for many things paired with your social appetite makes it easy to lose focus for long periods of time. This week, keep your head down when it comes to work. Don’t get distracted by coworkers or any negative energy from them or your boss. It will only slow you down.


    Cancer season is a great excuse for you to go on an epic Netflix bender. It’s always so enticing when you think about spending your Friday night perched up with a glass of wine scrolling through new titles, and there’s nothing wrong with the periodic night in. But do you remember how good you usually feel after venturing out and trying something new?


    Mercury retrogrades are never particularly kind to you, Gemini, but if you could focus on communication a little more, you’ll soften the blow. This week, stop trying to read between the lines of what people are saying to you. If you don’t want the answer you want from someone, move on to greener pastures. 


    Are you mistaking comfort and convenience for care? It’s really easy for people to be there for you when it works for their schedule, but who will go out of their way to help you? Who would you go out of your way to help? If those people don’t match up, it’s time to reevaluate. 


    This week should be all about self-care for you, Leo. These past few weeks have been rather social for you, and that’s where you thrive, so you might be feeling pretty good overall. But even you have a threshold of energy you can put towards other people. Choose a night this week that you’re not working or socializing and recharge with some serious self-care. 


    At the end of the day, only you can give yourself true satisfaction. This Mercury retrograde may have you seeking validation from someone who just won’t give it to you. And even if they do, you’ll end up just craving more and falling into a vicious cycle. Remember who you are and what your values are so that you can go after them with confidence. 


    Are you being a supportive friend and/or family member Libra? There is someone important in your life who really needs you, but may be afraid to ask. Take the high road this week and try to be the best friend you’ve ever been. The people close to you will be surprised at how genuine and giving you can be when you put some effort in.


    Did you forget that your consequences have functional consequences? Sometimes you get so deep into an emotion or dynamic that you forget about the bigger picture. You may be affecting someone more intensely than you realize. Ask the people close to you how they’re doing and really try to listen.


    Thinking about your mundane responsibilities is never fun for the adventurous Sagittarius, but this week you’ll really need to hone your most disciplined self. Try to be smart about money for the rest of the Sun’s transit through Cancer so that you’re ready for indulgent Leo season. 


    You’re always evaluating people and seeing if they stack up, and most of the time they don’t. Are your standards too high? You’re well aware of your own flaws, but sometimes you’re even harder on others than you are on yourself. Try to evaluate objectively but not so strictly and cut those close to you a little slack. 


    Remember that there is no happy ending in life, as you have to wake up the next day and keep trucking even after you’ve achieved a major goal. Don’t get too caught up in creating a picturesque fairy tale ending,. Take it one day at a time. 


    You know that you need to stop running at the first sign of trouble, and you’re starting to get the itch again. This flee from adversity doesn’t just include the physical act of leaving. It more often looks like complete self-sabotage. Be a friend to yourself and think positively as you work through a tough situation.

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