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    Your July 22-28 Horoscope

    Things are getting busy in Leo this week, as the Sun moves in on Monday and Venus on Saturday. They will be joining Mars in the sector of the leading and loyal lion, so it’s time to let your true self shine, whether it’s in your social, love, or professional life. Leo season is all about demanding the spotlight, but doing so as your most authentic self. Don’t try to be anything but you. Read your July 22-28 horoscope below.

    Leo’s Mars trines with Jupiter in Sagittarius on Thursday, and you’ll feel the creative energy all around. Jupiter’s place in adventurous Sagittarius will break down barriers and emphasize positive thinking. That coupled with assertive Mars in Leo will have you feeling unstoppable.

    Most signs will be feeling more in control than they have all month, but Mercury retrograde is still going full force and will be until July 31st. Don’t let your guard down and don’t surprise if a few hiccups along the road try to mess with your mojo. Expect the best but prepare for the worst. If you’re being extra assertive (which you should be) and are taking your self-assuredness to the next level, make sure to communicate clearly with people who may be affected by your decisions. You can still be independent and fearless while enlisting other perspectives.


    Leo season is going to effectively heat up pretty much every sector of your life, but there’s a difference between indulging in this energy and completely running away with it. Try to prioritize and decide what could really benefit from this free-flowing creativity and passion rather than trying to spread it thinly across the board.


    The rest of July will be filled with creative energy, and you could benefit from a little one-on-one time with your art. Hunker down in a space that directly deposits positive energy into your soul and develops your relationship with whatever you’re passionate about.


    It’s no secret that you can be a bit of a drama queen, and Mercury retrograde coupled with the start of Leo season can bring out the absolute worst. Try giving more than you get from squeezing energy out of others.


    Your season has wrapped up, and you’re probably feeling a little less relaxed and indulgent. You’re back in caretaking mode and ready to take on new responsibilities. Remember that it’s a slippery slope into martyrdom, and self-care is just as important.


    Have you been feeling like you’re kind of in a rut? The energy this week is assertive and creative, so step into that spotlight. Just make sure when you show the spotlight, you’re showing the world yourself, not somebody else. Showing people who you are is more valuable than telling them. 


    We know it’s hard for you, Virgo, but try to relax. You’ve got a few stressors in your life right now, some of which you don’t even realize are putting you on edge. Moving on isn’t the same as healing. Consult with someone who can provide a fresh perspective.


    It’s all about your social life this week, but maybe think less about what you can get from it and more about what you can give. Those close to you may need your support, advice, or maybe even just your light presence.


    This week is all about cleaning up your own messes. You’ve made some mistakes and hurt people, but that doesn’t make you a bad person. You will feel free once you own your missteps.


    Do it up this week, Sag! Go on an adventure or just do something fun. This doesn’t mean you can just drop your responsibilities altogether. Learning how to effectively balance work and play will be an essential skill if you want long-term happiness. 


    Last week may have been rough, but this week you’ll have the opportunity to feel power in your decisions. Stabilize your moments of panic so that you can make decisions methodically. Combine this intense Leo energy with your ability to plan rationally. 


    You may be craving intimacy this week, but don’t know how to ask for it. Making big decisions when you’re feeling emotionally needy or vulnerable can push you down paths to the wrong people. This week is a great opportunity to practice loving yourself. 


    Do you ever feel like the world is trying to drown you? Sure, life is brutal sometimes, but there comes a moment when you have to buck up and make your life happen. Channel this week’s creative energy towards something that will make you feel fulfilled no matter how temporary that feeling is.

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