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    Your July 29 – August 4 Horoscope

    At last, we can say goodbye to this hellish Mercury retrograde this Wednesday. Now, you can feel empowered by your communication skills rather than on guard about possible communication breakdowns. It’s a great time to make amends in any area of your life that’s been feeling extra tense or causing you stress. We are still living in the shadow of retrograde, however, so put off any major, life-changing decisions until mid-august, if you can. Read your July 29- August 4 horoscope to see what is coming your way this week.

    There is a new moon in Leo on July 31st as well, which gives us more opportunities to start new after a chaotic few weeks. Embrace this week by taking a confident stride towards a new passion, idea, or relationship. Leo season leaves no room for fear or self-doubt, so this is a great time to come to terms with your past mistakes so that you can start fresh. Some doors may be closing, and it’s okay to mourn that loss for a little bit as long as you find a way to pick yourself up and charge forward. 


    You don’t typically ruminate on your thoughts because you’re a person of action. By saying things without thinking about what they really mean, you can unintentionally hurt people you care about. Give yourself some time to process big information, before taking irreversible action. 


    You are extremely practical with your thought process, but can be narrow-minded when a new idea doesn’t perfectly fit into that process. You appreciate structure and discipline, and will only express ideas or opinions that you’ve really thought about and support 100%. Try to wipe your internal slate clean this week and open yourself up to new possibilities. 


    Now that Mercury is direct, you can get back to your social butterfly self. Things have been a bit dramatic lately, causing inner turmoil. Stick to the parts of your social life that make you feel loved, appreciated, and stable and try to stay out of the parts that may be more interesting but are actually rather toxic and turbulent in the long run. 


    You are a gentle communicator and your words are often emotionally-charged, even if you don’t mean for them to be. The world isn’t out to get you, Cancer, even if it feels like it is, lately. Take this new moon and direct mercury as an opportunity for a new beginning. If there’s anything from the past that may be haunting you, now is a good time to address it. 


    You speak with confidence, which can come off as arrogant if they aren’t careful. You are a master of persuasion and bullsh*tting, able to get someone on your side of the argument even if you have no evidence to back up your claims. This week, take off whatever mask you’ve been wearing and lean towards the side of unfettered honesty.


    You are extremely rational, which can come across to some as soulless. You tend to hear the details in people’s speech, which sometimes makes you miss the big picture. Take everything with a grain of salt this week and try not to take things so seriously. It’s Leo season so have a little reckless fun. 


    You see every side of every story. You appreciate the balance that good communication can provide and take pride in being able to resolve conflict objectively and without bloodshed. But not every problem is yours to fix, and with all the dramatic and extra energy in the air right now, staying out of people’s messes is essential to maintaining your health. 


    Many are heaving a sigh of relief this week after Mercury goes direct, but you likely won’t feel an immediate shift in the intensity in the air. This is because you’re just a generally intense person! Try to lighten up this week and enjoy the little things in your life. 


    Freedom and commitment are not mutually exclusive. Whether it’s in work, love, or any other part of life, you’re not great at diving headfirst into something if you haven’t mapped out the exit route. There’s no need to be afraid of commitment if you don’t make promises you know you can’t keep. 


    You are extremely methodical in your word choice and the intentions behind them, taking control of the language you use every step of the way. Language helps you to maintain structure in your work and relationships, and you use that tool effectively. Lately, you’ve been having trouble effectively using these tools, but don’t worry. After Mercury goes direct on Wednesday, you’ll be feeling confident again in the things you do best. 


    Your communication style is unconventional and often misunderstood. You have the best intentions, but stuff doesn’t always quite come out how you mean it. You’re an imaginative intellectual at heart, so you’re always trying to question people and learn new things. Sometimes people can’t provide exactly what you’re looking for, and you can’t think any less of them for that. 


    You can be a bit in the clouds when it comes to communication, sometimes forgetting how important it truly is. Making your opinions or ideas known to others isn’t always your priority, because you understand them clearly. Leo season is all about being loud, so, this week, channel your most outspoken self.

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