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    Your June 10th -16th Horoscopes

    Mars is our busy planet this week, forming a trine with Neptune and running into opposition with Saturn. Though it depends on each individual’s sign and placements, the trine will likely spur idealistic energy and compassionate inspiration. It’s a great time to hone in on your light and artistic side, allowing negative energy to roll off your back, but be mindful of the not-so-fun Mars-Saturn opposition happening on the same day. These two planets are extremely intense and their opposition requires you to think in the long term instead of trying to rush into conclusions or accomplishments. Take advantage of the dreamy Neptune trine while respecting the methodical boundaries Saturn creates. This is all happening in Capricorn, so as long as you’re taking care of the things that really matter to you and don’t get distracted by what others are asking of you, you’ll be fine.

    Let’s dig in

    On June 16th, Jupiter and Neptune square at 90 degrees, which can cause chaos for a lot of signs. These two planets are dreamy, idealistic planets, and there clash with each other creates a complete erasure of boundaries. It is a great opportunity for earth signs to relinquish rigidity, water signs to relish in their open-mindedness, fire signs to seek clarity and communication, and air signs to balance risk and rationale.


    Things may feel a bit off-balance and murky lately, and you just need to take a deep breath. Clean up your internal self by cleaning up the world around you. A little spring cleaning may be in order, and you may need to work some communication magic to clean up some interpersonal messes.


    This week is a great opportunity to network and form new relationships, but remember that real connections can’t be forced. Be your most genuine self and the synergy will follow. If you’re meant to connect with someone on an intimate level, it will happen eventually. If you force something to happen when it’s not right, you could end up wasting time building something artificial.


    This is the week to be honest with someone in your life. If you’ve been waiting to ask for a raise or promotion or are ready to take your relationship to the next level, this may be the week that you’re finally ready. Go forward confidently and honestly.


    You’ve got big plans, and not everyone is going to be on board. If you’re looking to take a risk in the upcoming months, listen to those who are close to you and value what they have to say without allowing it to scare you away from your ambitions.


    Focus on yourself this week while keeping your feet on the ground. There is a difference between making time for yourself and abandoning reality completely. The midweek brawl between Mars and Saturn will not take kindly to inconsideration.


    Earth signs are particularly vulnerable this week, so don’t be afraid to relish in your softer side. Some people may see this newfound vulnerability as an opportunity to take advantage of you, so find a way to let your guard down a bit while also keeping a level head.


    While taking a methodical approach is preferable to an emotional reaction right now, don’t overthink too much. Instead of going back and forth internally, find a confidant that you can trust to offer honest and fresh perspectives.


    You may be feeling inspired and passionate, and this week is an excellent opportunity to turn that positive energy inward. Create something for yourself and don’t worry about how it will look to the world.


    Saturn retrograde has been urging you to slow things down and take a beat before you make any big decisions. You will need to pay extra attention to your rationale during the Mars-Saturn opposition on the 14th. You can still be yourself and take risks, just think through them and weigh your options first.


    You’ll be feeling unusually vulnerable this week, which you should capitalize on since it’s so unusual for you. Let someone who deserves it see more of the real you.


    Your professional life is set to take some positive turns, while your personal life may be a bit more tumultuous this week. Set aside some “me” time in your busy schedule to appreciate the positives and clear your head so that you’re ready to take on interpersonal challenges.


    You may be feeling impulsive this week, especially with your romantic relationships. There’s no harm in dreaming big, but make sure you’re considering objective rationale, too. Don’t make any decisions this week that you won’t be able to take back.

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