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    Your June 17-23 Horoscope

    This week starts with a Sagittarius full moon, which means it’s time to throw out hard barriers and embrace the possibilities of freedom and adventure. It’s a great time to take a personal risk. Try a new restaurant that you would never even consider or go white water rafting. Don’t get too risky when it comes to your relationships and career, though. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde will be happening all summer, so make sure you think through any big decisions, confrontations, or changes before doing or saying something irreversible. It’s all about that balance of instinct and rationale. Let’s take a look at your June 17-23 horoscope.

    On the 19th, Mars will face off with Pluto in Capricorn, making for a turbulent opposition that could bring up deep-seated insecurities and second guessing yourself even in moments you typically feel confident.

    On Friday, we hit Cancer season when the sun joins Mars in this sector. The 21st will mark a time to start focusing on your close relationships and the things that make you feel most at home. Dreamy Neptune starts it’s retrograde through Pisces, on the 21st as well, making for an emotional and empathic start to the season of one of the most emotional signs. It’s time to seek healing from something, which may require some external help.


    You’re always work hard, play hard, but have you ever taken a step back and just appreciate what’s in front of you? Not everything in this world has to present a challenge or exciting experience. Enjoy the people who provide comfort and stability in your life.


    The Mars-Pluto opposition paired with the transition to Cancer season could stir up a lot of emotions and insecurities that you just don’t have time to deal with. Go back to why you do the things you do—what are your true passions and values? When you’re feeling like the world is stacked against you, find confidence in yourself by going back to basics.


    There’s a lot going on this month, Gemini, and you may feel overwhelmed and caught up in the whirlwind. Stay true to yourself as you move through adversity and the unknown. Even if you struggle and come up short, you can look back and know you didn’t do so on someone else’s terms.


    The sun moves into your sector later this week, but you’ve got a little work to do before Cancer season arrives. Kick of your time of the year with a little reevaluation of how you take care of yourself on a daily basis.


    You’re trying to learn the lesson that it’s okay to lean on people and let them care for you. The line between support and codependence is not a particularly fine one, but it can get a little blurry when you’re too close to a situation. Choose to be around the people that make you feel the most yourself this week.


    The Sagittarius full moon will have you feeling particularly expressive on Monday. If you’ve got something to say, this is the time to pour your heart out to the right person (AKA, not your ex). You don’t want to enter Cancer season with resentment, pent up feelings, and lack of closure.


    You are generally very disciplined and self-assured, but Neptune’s retrograde paired with sensitive Cancer season could cause you to waver and allow darkness to infiltrate your typically sunny outward self. Instead of trying to fix everything and ensure perfection at all times, allow yourself to feel the negative things your body is telling you to feel. That way, you can genuinely move on rather than pretending like you did.


    This week is all about reaching out and expanding into all the world’s possibilities. Neptune’s retrograde is likely to make you feel restless and melodramatic, so start trying new things so that you don’t anchored into something negative.


    You aren’t one to focus on the past, but Neptune’s reverse through Pisces could have you feeling emotional and sentimental. Try reconnecting with someone that you’ve been missing or revisit a place that is significant to your past.


    Neptune’s retrograde through Pisces and the beginning of Cancer is going to spark an emotional few weeks, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Learning how to channel your emotions and communicate productively through conflict is a valuable skill, and this is a good week to practice.


    The Sagittarius full moon will have you feeling your external self, so capitalize on that confidence. Cancer season always makes you feel a little unsettled, as the energy is one of comfort, stability, and contentment, whereas you prefer excitement, unpredictability, and maybe even a little bit of turbulence (whether you like to admit it or not). Stay true to yourself but slow down and appreciate the present.


    As Neptune spins through your sector in retrograde, it’s important you trust yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. Caring about your appearance is not a sign of superficiality or weakness. In fact, it can help you feel confident in your identity and ground you in physical reality.

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