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    Your June 3rd-9th Horoscope

    This week is all about the Gemini new moon, which will start your week off on Monday with an opportunity to start something new. You never get a truly clean slate in life, but new moons give you the opportunity every month to refresh and move into a new phase. Welcome new partnerships, shifts in friendship dynamics, and fresh perspectives on old relationships this week.


    It’s time to refresh your image and the way you present yourself to the world. Do so apologetically. You find a lot of value in being liked by many, but if that’s all you’re focused on when it comes to your image, you will always be ridden with self-doubt and insecurity. When you make changes, do so for yourself and the people you truly love.


    With the Gemini new moon occuring in your second house of money and prosperity, it may be a good time to make a small change at work that will re-engerize you and your productivity. Reorganize your workspace, have lunch at a new place, or just mix up your routine in general.


    The new moon in your sector gives you the perfect opportunity to reevaluate yourself and where you’re headed. Remember that reflection and preparation are essential to successfully making personal changes, and if you do so hastily and recklessly, you will soon fall back into old habits.


    Before you act on any big decisions, you must come to terms with the decision itself. There is a difference between putting baggage aside or hiding it a closet or junk drawer and actually throwing it out. Truly releasing yourself from emotional baggage is not about denying its existence or pretending it’s not there. You have to do the work to come face to face with whatever is challenging you in order to heal old wounds.


    Now is a great time to get involved in a new activity, community, or opportunity. You are fiercely loyal to your pack, but branching out and trying something new will not be seen as a betrayal as long as you still put genuine energy into the people and activities you are committed to.


    If you’re at a fork in the road, it may feel like you are choosing a path blindly. But you have more knowledge, context, and instinct than you think. Trust yourself and trust the information you’ve gathered and make an educated decision you can feel confident in. Resist self-doubt this week.


    Have you ever had so many things to do that you don’t know where to start? This week, choose the things that you enjoy doing—the things that will energize and inspire. You may be hoping for productivity this week, but working for the weekend will create a false sense of accomplishment. Follow a passion or inspiration today.


    Gemini season brings up a lot of urges to socialize, socialize, socialize, and it’s easy for sensitive and introverted water signs to get burnt out before June even rolls around. Focus on establishing intimacy with someone, new or old, this week. Real connection will energize you more than empty socialization.


    Ask yourself what you want out of your relationships. Are you conveying that clearly to other? No matter what you want out of a connection with another person, not being honest and sincere about what you need from them can get messy fast. In order to communicate properly, however, you’ll need to be honest with yourself, first.


    You’ve likely got a lot going on right now, and your to-do list just keeps getting longer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, find solace in the little accomplishments. Most processes are a marathon, not a sprint. Take a deep breath. It’ll all get done.


    You’ve got a lot of energy this week, Aquarius, and it will help you accomplish something creatively and/or romantically. Try to meet someone new this week and talk about your passions.


    You have been considering big changes lately, and you’ve finally got the tools to make them. Don’t just tread water this week—take action. You have pondered and considered enough.

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