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    Your May 13th-19th Horoscope

    The biggest event this week is May 18th’s full moon in Scorpio. Full moons typically provide the opportunity for a monthly emotional catharsis, and with this one reflecting the deep intimacy and intensity of Scorpio, it’ll likely be a powerful one for all signs. There will be a lot of planets in Taurus as the moon lights up the Scorpio sector, which may emphasize a physical, internal force. Take good care of your body this week in preparation. Read about your May 13th-19th horoscope below:

    Mars enters Cancer on May 15th, which may ignite a spark in areas of your life that are typically solid and comfortable. This is not necessarily a bad thing. A twist or turn down a new path could lead to unprecedented and unexpected passion. 


    You often fall back on your self-assuredness, always believing in yourself as you experience moments of adversity. This is a great quality but can make you resistant to situations that force you to objectively assess your weaknesses and mistakes. Remember that self-assessment and transformation is not a rejection of your true self.


    It’s decision time, Taurus. You are methodical, rational, and always have all the facts in front of you before you choose your next path, but do you really listen to your gut? How about your family and friends? Rationale is important, but at the end of the day, rationale isn’t the one who has to live with your choices. 


    A lot of people love your spontaneity, free spirit, and exciting energy, but there are times that you need to take accountability for your collateral damage. Have you ever hurt or upset someone you love without realizing it right at that moment? Clean up any messes you’ve made recently—even if it causes a blow to your ego. A clean room and clean conscious is good for your health. 


    Mars enters Cancer on Wednesday, so you will feel a new passion and fervor for even the parts of your life that have been feeling a bit mundane recently. This is an opportunity to get after it. Comfort is too often the name of the game for you, Cancer. It’s time to extend yourself outwards. You know how.


    Sometimes the most exciting—and most important—parts of your life are right at home. You don’t need to go on some extravagant journey with a whole crowd of people to feel whole. Get to know yourself while you can. If you’re really itching for socialization, stick to a few close friends for a special night as an intimate collective. 


    You often know the right path to follow, Virgo, and are especially good at finding the language to justify it not only to your friends and family, but also to yourself. Remember that communication is a two-way street—talking and listening. It’s not just about making your case, but considering what insight the people who know understand you and your path may have. 


    Do you ever feel like you’re running into wall after wall? You try so hard to make sure everyone is happy, including yourself, that all the negotiations, compromises, and rationalizations start to drive you a bit crazy. A good friend or partner is always there to listen, but keep in mind that it is not always your responsibility to play mediator, babysitter, or janitor. 


    This week is all about clarity, Scorpio. Sometimes your emotions take hold like a tornado inside your mind, but it’s time to take a deep breath and settle. Strong relationships and successful endeavors rarely require micro-management. Focus on the big picture and trust intuition. 


    Impatience is often your weakness, which can lead to lots of unfinished projects and personal dissatisfaction. You’re a great multitasker, but even you can get stretched thin. Take a message from Scorpio during its full moon on Saturday and prioritize only what is truly, viscerally important. What makes your body tingle with excitement? Is there something—or someone—you’re willing to skip the party for?


    You like to take the reigns as often as you can. Sometimes true collaboration seems like a completely foreign, abstract concept to you. It’s about trusting each other, relinquishing ego, and putting the project’s best interests at the forefront. Jump off the figurative cliff with someone else this time. 


    Focus on your career this week. You are the kind of person in which passion and purpose need to exist in the same realm, so make sure you’re giving the things you love and the things you need equal attention. If your job isn’t fulfilling either of those things, perhaps its time to reconsider your direction. 


    Inspiration should be a confidence-booster, not a distraction. Your most ambitious goals should revolve around things that make you feel fulfilled and frequently cause moments of genuine inspiration. As a kid, it’s easy to relish in your innate creativity, but it’s hard to avoid getting bogged down as an adult. Shamelessly embrace your inner child this week. 

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