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    Your May 6th-13th Horoscope

    Communication and romance are going to undergo some changes this week of May 6th-13th, so it’s important to respect the current Pluto and Saturn retrogrades and plan ahead without getting hasty. Proceed with caution and a clear head in your relationships, and don’t let emotion cloud your rationale.

    Mercury moves from assertive Aries to methodical Taurus on May 6th, will which shift the energy behind the way people communicate. Venus squares a retrograde Saturn on May 7th, creating a bit of conflict between the two already dissimilar planets and making that day not the best for romance, especially if it’s a blossoming one. But no fear, on May 8th, the sun sextiles imaginative Neptune on the same day that communicative Mercury conjuncts rational Uranus, so those barriers won’t take too long to break down as you go about your week.


    You’re used to being in control of most conversations, but you may be taken aback by a particular exchange this week as the communication planet of Mercury transits out of your sector and into the more regulatory state of Taurus. If someone approaches you in a new way and catches you off guard, don’t get defensive, stubborn, or flustered. Flexibility is an important part of healthy communication.


    Last week, you experienced a sort of new beginning because of the new moon in Taurus on May 4th. Respect the goals you set, the changes you vowed to make, and new paths you chose to follow. Big changes start with small actions on an everyday basis. Spring cleaning doesn’t mean much if you start dirtying up your space the next day.


    You love being candid with people, but you also love being liked. Sometimes, these desires can conflict, as you try to tell people how you really feel but don’t want to come off as brash, shallow, crude, or judgmental. Take Mercury’s entrance into patient Taurus as an opportunity to polish your communication skills so that you can say exactly what you mean, but get through to more people because of your articulation. 


    You’ve been taking advantage of the productive energy that is so quintessential to Taurus season. But you, Cancer, have a special connection with Taurus, as both signs value comfort and stability. Take the time this week to be with the people that make you feel most solid.


    One-on-one communication is not always your strong suit, as you often get wrapped up in your ego and freeze up at the first sign of critique. Have faith in people’s intentions and focus on how critique can help you grow rather than allowing a few negative insinuations tear you down. The people close to you will appreciate a more open-minded approach to difficult discussions.


    As stubborn but patient Mercury moves into Taurus, you will feel the urge to play to your strengths and approach your relationships with your trademark analytical and practical nature. But last week’s new moon in Taurus sparked your impulsivity, curiosity, and desire for change. These two concepts are not necessarily in opposition. Strive for balance—the world is not black and white.


    Taurus will be lighting up your 8th house of introspection until May 21st, so if there’s any time for a Libra to take some alone time, it’s now. Ignore that fear of missing out and or losing out on an encounter with fate. The future will always be there, but right now you need to take care of yourself.


    Scorpio’s aren’t exactly known for their capability to commit. You are an ever-changing force that’s hard to tie down! But deep down, you know there are people and parts of your life that you couldn’t live without. Give them a little extra this week, and reach out to someone you may have been mindlessly neglecting.


    Harness the focus of Taurus season this week, Sag. There are so many things out there, but you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Solid and consistent communication may be the key to not only checking things off your to-do list, but also making sure you aren’t sacrificing quality on any of your projects, endeavors, and even relationships.


    You’ve been feeling creative and energetic lately, but making something in the real world look, sound, or feel the same way it does in your mind can be a barrier. Stop working through the logistics of the project in your head and just do it. First drafts aren’t supposed to be perfect. You can always go back and edit or rework later. 


    You are typically energized by social situations, but socializing can be exhausting if you’re constantly trying to stand out and put on a show. Take a step back and work on your listening skills and ability to be patient with others. You’ll be surprised by what you learn.


    Take advantage of any bouts of energy and extroversion this week. Mercury’s retrograde in your sign was a doozy, but you’re finally starting to pull yourself out of that rut. You have a tendency to be a bit moody and irrational, but this week is your opportunity to show you’re more pleasant and outgoing side. You don’t need to make it a habit, but you should relish in those moments of social confidence.

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