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    What is Karma? How Does It Work?

    Karma is a concept that appears in several Eastern disciplines and philosophies. It is slightly less well known in the Western world. Many individuals are curious about it, though, and how it works. Let’s go over the basic concept of karma and discuss whether it might have any practical application in your life.

    The Misuse of the Word Karma

    In Western culture, it is not unusual to hear someone say “it’s just bad karma” if something unfortunate happens to them. They might reflect, in that fleeting moment, on whether they did something wrong, which brought about this turn of events. When they use the term in this way, they are implying that they don’t have any control over what happens to them. However, this is a misuse of the word “karma” and the entire concept behind it.

    Karma is spiritual accountability for your actions. Because of this, you should never talk about it as something that happens to you for which you have no responsibility. Karma is not about victimhood. It is about the return to you of the positive or negative energy that you have released into the world. You had intentions for your actions. Karma is you sowing what you’ve reaped.

    Karma and the Soul

    The belief in karma assumes that the human soul exists. The soul of each human is an essence, a divine and vital entity that is within all of us. As souls, we are each held accountable for what we allow in our lives, and also what we create and promote. We accrue and balance debts on a cosmic scale as we go through our daily routines. You can consider karma to be a spiritual tally of what you decide to do and not do. 

    Those who believe fervently in karma also believe in reincarnation. This is the notion that when we die, we come back in another form. That form might be another human. It might be an animal or some other variety of life. If you believe in karma, though, then usually, you feel that the amount of it you accrue in your life can carry over. If you did a tremendous amount of good or bad, it can influence what your next life is going to be.

    Karma and God’s Consciousness

    Ideally, for those who believe in karma, you are trying to put as much good out into the world as you can. If you do that, then you can balance whatever cosmic debts you owe from previous lifetimes. You will then start to be conscious of God, and vice versa. Once God has entered your life, then you will be more at peace with yourself and the rest of humanity.

    What you intend with each of your actions amounts to what kind of karma you are building up. You might do something morally reprehensible, but if you are not aware that it is, it will not count against you. When you do something that you know to be wrong, you are building negative karma. You are also ensuring that you are further away from God.

    Perhaps you believe in God, or you might not. However, if you speak of karma casually and you disassociate it from the religious element, then you are not using the term as it is truly intended. Karma doesn’t require you to worship any particular deity. Instead, to “believe” in it, you need only acknowledge that some cosmic power exists which is outside of yourself. 

    If you have karmic debts in your life, meaning that you acted incorrectly in a situation, then you will face that same scenario again and again. That is because the spirit is patient with the learning process. You must keep facing different versions of the same test or trial until you pass it. Once you do, then you will balance your cosmic debt. You might then be able to ascend to a higher plane of consciousness.  

    This is the essence of karma. It is a system through which your soul becomes enlightened. It doesn’t matter if it takes you a thousand lifetimes to learn a vital lesson, or a million. Eventually, you will balance your karmic debt. Then, you will find peace.

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