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    What is a Life Coach & How Might You Become One?

    Have you ever heard the term “life coach” before? Perhaps you know someone who has hired a life coach to help them with some aspect of their daily existence. Let’s go over exactly what this profession entails, and how you can start on this road if it’s something you want to pursue as a career.

    What Does a Life Coach Do?

    The first thing of which you need to be aware of is that anyone can call themselves a life coach. There is a difference between someone using that moniker and an individual actually getting certified. A certified life coach works with clients in the same way that a personal trainer or a therapist might. Their job, though, is to help their clients achieve personal and professional objectives. The process is collaborative. It involves goal-setting, problem-solving, and careful self-assessment.

    What Must You Do to Become a Life Coach?

    Becoming a life coach requires both formal training and experience. There are organizations through which you can go for a certification. The International Coach Federation, or IFC, is one of the better-known ones. A prospective life coach might log as little as 100 hours or as many as 2,500, depending on the level of certification they seek. 

    What Skills do Life Coaches Need to Have?

    Life coaches need to have a few particular skills. They need to be compassionate. They must have excellent communication skills. They should be outgoing and personable. They should be creative and know how to interact with many different kinds of individuals. They should also be able to master the goal-setting and problem-solving dynamic that is at the heart of any self-improvement program. 

    What Happens During Life Coach Training?

    Groups like the IFC will not certify a prospective life coach unless they can demonstrate particular skills and characteristics. For instance, the candidate must show that they can engage in cooperative communication with their clients. They must show a great deal of patience. They must be able to identify limiting beliefs. They should demonstrate a high degree of organizational behavior. Finally, they must be unfailingly ethical. 

    How Can I Know if Being a Life Coach is Right for Me?

    You must be the one who decides whether being a life coach is something that you want to pursue as a profession. There are a few things to keep in mind, though.

    You must have a genuine urge to help people. If you do not, then you’re going to tire of this pursuit very quickly. This also isn’t a job where you are likely to become exceedingly wealthy. In 2016, the median income for life coaches in the US was a little over $45,000. 

    You also need to have an unshakable positive attitude. A considerable part of this profession is the ability to convince people that they can make positive changes in their situation. Often, they will be skeptical. It is your job to keep them on track. You might have to dissuade them from falling back into harmful habits in their personal or professional life.  

    What are Some of the Benefits of the Job?

    There are aspects of the job that can be quite rewarding, though. For one thing, you and your client should both be able to see tangible results if the program you create together is a success. Much like in therapy, a life coach and their client will set a goal or series of goals toward which the client works. When they reach one of those goals, it will be as thrilling for you as it is for them.

    Although you know your clients in a professional way, that does not mean that you might not become friends with some of them. There will always be a coach-client relationship. However, you’ll likely find that you genuinely want these people to better themselves. They come to you wanting to overcome what they view as certain deficiencies in their lives and themselves. You’re the one that helps them over the hurdles that life has put in their way. 

    By doing so, you’re creating a positive impact in the world that is easy to see. For many people, that is why this career path beckons to them. 

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