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    Sound Healing Meditation: Everything You Should Know

    Meditative practices go back thousands of years. Many different cultures have utilized them, and they have numerous benefits. There are various forms of meditation, though. Some are more conventional than others. A less widely known method is the sound bath, which is also sometimes referred to as sound healing. If you’ve heard of this before, but you weren’t quite sure how it worked, here’s everything you ought to know before you try it.

    Why Try Sound Healing?

    The primary reason to try sound healing is the same as why you would try virtually any form of meditation: stress relief. Stress is particularly insidious because it’s not something that you can see. It’s not like a black eye that the world is immediately going to notice. 

    Many of the torments that are wrought upon us by stress take place on the inside. They have long term health effects, though, which is why we need to try and find some inner peace. That is precisely why practices like meditation exist.

    Where Might You Go to Try a Sound Bath?

    Usually, it is spas that offer sound baths. Where you are going to find one near to you depends on where you live. In certain parts of the country, they are more popular. If you live somewhere like Los Angeles, for instance, then there are going to be dozens of places from which you can choose. If you live in rural Nebraska, you’re going to find it considerably harder to locate somewhere you can try this stress-busting technique.

    What Exactly Happens During a Sound Bath?

    As for the particulars of what takes place during a sound meditation session, first, you book an appointment. You can expect these experiences to last up to three hours or longer in most cases. What you are engaging in is a meditation class. Don’t expect anyone to seal you up in a sensory deprivation chamber or something along those lines.

    An instructor guides you and others in the class through some exercises designed to bring on a Zen-like state. You might sit on yoga mats, or you may lie down on your back with your eyes closed. While this is happening, sounds therapists or musicians play instruments. It is the ambient sound that they create which allows you to get deeper into your subconscious than you could otherwise reach.

    What is it About the Sound that Helps You Relax?

    During a sound bath, the musicians use repetitive notes at different frequencies. This is meant to bring your focus away from your thoughts. It is intrusive thought that might make it difficult for you to meditate if you have tried it before and failed. Maybe you tried to meditate in your apartment, and the sounds from the street outside or your kids playing distracted you. This sort of thing is what discourages a lot of people from meditating regularly. 

    With sound healing, musicians create noise through the use of things like gongs, cymbals, gemstone bowls, and crystal bowls. These instruments create different frequencies. As you go deeper into your mind, your body seems to fall away. You are less aware of your surroundings and more aware of your overall sense of self. 

    So, Does Sound Healing Work?

    No two people are likely to have the same experience when it comes to something like meditation. A specialized form of it, like a sound bath, is no exception. Still, there is a consensus that this sort of activity is well worth trying. That’s especially true if you are an individual who has become aware that stress represents a significant barrier to your good health and wellbeing.

    Sound meditation allows you to leave what practitioners call the beta state. The way you know that this is happening is when you cease being alert, concentrating, and reacting. You should be able to reach the alpha state instead, where you relax and tap into your creativity. If you do this form of meditation more often, you may eventually be able to reach the theta or delta states. 

    It is in these two latter states that you begin to get in touch with the most hidden parts of yourself and to heal from whatever old wounds you harbor at your core.

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