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    What Is a Medium?

    A medium defines a specific kind of psychic that is able to communicate with spirits who have passed on. Different mediums use different methods and items that help them express their abilities in special ways.

    It’s important to note that mediums are a type of psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Psychics can do a number of things like reading auras, peer into the future, or healing energies through alternative medicine. A medium may possess some of the abilities as well. In order to be a medium, you must be able to communicate and connect with the dead in some way and have at least one of the six “clair” senses.

    Clair What??

    The six “clair” sense identify the different ways that mediums connect with the metaphysical world:

    Clairvoyance—Clear Seeing

    Clairvoyant mediums are able to see physical manifestations of things that are actually not physically there. This is often referred to as seeing things “in the mind’s eye” and can be the normal state of vision for many clairvoyants. The way these images manifest differs amongst mediums, with some seeing concrete physical beings and other witnessing more abstract visuals.

    Clairaudience—Clear Hearing

    Those with clairaudience are able to hear a spirit’s thoughts or voice. Similar to clairvoyance, this can be manifested more realistically. For example, as if the person is speaking in their ear, or more abstractly. Like a verbal thought in the medium’s head or through a personal inanimate object.

    Clairsentience—Clear Sensing

    Clairsentients can feel physical sensations and impressions from spirits. Mediums with this capability often also possess the powers of aura reading, psychometry, and remote viewing.

    Clairalience—Clear Smelling

    Psychics with clairalience often smell things that aren’t actually there. However, they are deeply associated with the spirit they are connecting to.

    Clairgustance—Clear Tasting

    Clairgustance ties in with clairalience as taste and smell are closely related. Mediums with this ability often taste things that relate to how the nearby spirit died.

    Claircognizance—Clear Knowing

    Claircognizance is the 6th sense of the “clairs” and is much harder to define. It is a visceral but abstract gut feeling that allows mediums to recognize metaphysical signals that provide them with some sort of knowledge. This intuition is rarely ever wrong and should be heeded in earnest.

    Can I Become a Medium?

    If you want to be a medium, you usually need to be naturally blessed with the psychic abilities, but being able to channel those abilities in the optimal way take time and practice. Here are some ways to know if you may possess psychic qualities:

    • Did your imaginary friends manifest in a super physical way when you were a child? Yes, children have big imaginations, but realistic imaginary friends could be a sign of early clairvoyance.
    • If you are really affected by your surrounding environment to a point of physical discomfort, you may have a special connection with metaphysical energy.
    • Do you often feel like you’re seeing things out of your peripheral vision, but when you look directly it’s gone? You may be clairvoyant, and just need to practice your skills so you can access images more clearly.
    • If you find yourself overstimulated easily, it could be because you are constantly experiencing the physical and metaphysical world at the same time.
    • Have you ever been able to guess someone’s birthday, favorite color, or something else personal without them ever telling you? You may be picking up energies without even realizing it.

    The takeaway

    One of the most important things to remember is that psychic abilities are innately very abstract. Therefore, you can’t always define your abilities in a rigid box. You may be on the fringe between clairvoyant and clairsentient. So, you want to dive into that rather than define it with clear lines.

    If you haven’t had any naturally-occurring psychic or paranormal experiences, you can try practicing with tarot cards, researching the experiences of mediums, and learning about things like astrology, divination, and connection with the metaphysical world. You may just have a moment where your third eye opens up.

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