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    Numerology: Divining the Meaning of Angel Numbers in Your Life

    You may have heard of angel or lucky numbers in passing, but many people aren’t quite sure what exactly is meant by them. It’s probably safe to say that most of us witnessed the time to turn 11:11, followed shortly after by a cacophony of exclamations about its apparently profound meaning (which, we hear you, are not always clear). Well, if you’re curious about the spiritual significance of certain numbers and sequences when they appear often, we’re here to help you gain some divine clarity on numerology.

    The concept of angel numbers is rooted in numerology. Numerology is the study of numbers, as the figures designating the year of one’s birth, to determine the influence on one’s life, future, and evolvement. Thus, angel numbers are numbers or sequences that carry spiritual guidance by referring to specific numerological meanings.

    Master Numbers

    Numerology teaches us that specific numbers or number sequences contain vibrational frequencies that are similar to the frequencies at which angels or other celestial beings resonate. When our guardian angels want to send us a message, they send us numerical messages that continue to reappear in our lives. If you see repeating numbers on the clock, in phone numbers or addresses, or in other seemingly coincidental ways, you may be receiving messages from a guardian angel or another celestial being who wants to communicate with you. In an age that places so much emphasis on technological messages, attuning your heart and mind to messages that speak to your soul can be invaluable.

    We’ve created a guide to decoding these “master numbers” and what they’re telling you. We’ve created a beginner’s guide to common master numbers and high-vibration sequences that can help you figure out just what your divine support system has to say to you right now.

    Common Number Sequences and their Meanings


    The most popular angel number sequence by far is 111. (1111 vibrates at virtually the same frequency and thus has a very similar meaning). If you’ve been catching the time just as is switches to 1:11 or 11:11, consider yourself attuned to a magic (even if this hasn’t been readily apparent in your life as of late). The Magician card is the first of the major arcana in the tarot, and repeating 1’s of any kind are a confirmation from the cosmos that you are moving in the right direction.

    Repeating 1’s are always a positive sign, but because they are the first step in a series of divine numerical sequences, consider them especially auspicious for new beginnings. We’ve all heard the saying, “The only constant in life is change”. It may sound trite at times, but life is indeed a series of beginnings and endings until we merge back into the timeless spiritual world at the end of life. So take this number sequence as a sign that whatever your endeavor, you are on the right track.

    Number 1

    There are several other noteworthy spiritual references to the angel number 1. The first house in the zodiac, for example, is all about self-expression and getting to know one’s self and needs. If you continue to see 111 or 1111 in any form, you may have reached a peak of creativity or personal expression. The angels are applauding your success and encouraging you to continue to let your true self shine through.

    We’ll discuss this more in-depth a little later, but 11 is known as a master number that correlates to a high spiritual path. That’s why it’s considered so powerful among intuitive and tarot readers, astrologies, numerology and other spiritual guides.

    11:11 – Make a wish

    Many believe that 11:11 (or 1111) is a telltale sign that part of your purpose on earth is to uplift human consciousness in some way. Although pain, hate, and suffering teaches us lessons on a soul level, the benefits of this are often not readily apparent in life. Sometimes the cost of suffering feels to great to gain anything of value from it even in the space of one lifetime. But angel numbers are a form of spiritual guidance that helps attune us to what our present challenges or suffering might be trying to teach us- and how we might overcome them to move into a better space.

    Repeatedly seeing 11:11 could be a sign that part of your existence on this earth is about restoring the harmonious sense of oneness that humanity has lost in the struggle to survive life’s adversity. Remember, lightworkers don’t have to be spiritual advisors or even ve working in a spiritual field at all; many of the greatest innovators and change-makers in society dedicated themselves to a humane cause (no matter how big or small). 11:11 can also mean that you bring people together and are a harmonizing force in your personal life. Whatever your situation, are endowed with the wondrous energetic ability to weave together opposing forces into a beautiful tapestry.


    2:22 or 222 signifies balance or a need for it. In numerology, 2 is the number of relationships and partnerships. (According to numerology,  individuals whose life number is 2 are often highly relationship-oriented and tend toward an innate belief that people “come in pairs”). When you repeatedly see 2:22, be aware of harmonious or synergistic relationships in your energy field. You could be around or soon to meet a soulmate, close friend, or advisor with whom you have a strong connection and share many mirroring qualities. 2:22 could also mean it’s time to take inventory of the role that balance is playing in your life. Are you feeling as though your life is on an even keel, or are you struggling to balance your energies between home and work? Are you overcompensating in one area to make up for a perceived lack in another?

    The 2nd house in the Greek zodiac oversees our values and the foundations we build in life. In tarot, the High Priestess is the second card of the major arcana. The High Priestess is endowed with powerful intuition and can be a reminder to stay true to yourself and be unafraid to voice your opinions. 2:22 reminds you that authenticity shines a beacon of light that sheds illumination on people and causes that vibrate at your frequency. When you open yourself up and put your energy “out there”, you attract the people and experiences that are meant for you on your higher path.


    3:33 or 33 is a major indicator of alignment, namely of the mind, body, and soul. Three is historically a trinity number, giving emphasis to the spiritual importance of alignment in your life. 3:33 could be an assurance that you’re really taking care of your mind, body, and soul- and as a result your entire being is feeling whole and thanking you for it. 3:33 denotes either a high level of fulfillment or gently nudges you toward aligning what is out of balance so that you can reach such a state.

    Ask yourself: Have you been working too hard and neglected health or enjoyment, and are starting to feel rundown? Do you feel you’ve disconnected from your spiritual center or inner world in order to funnel your energy into external responsibilities? Is there a struggle you really wish you could tackle or a problem you want to solve, but you feel you don’t have the resources? When you identify the root of misalignment, it becomes possible to take the first step in putting things back together. This may not always be an easy process, and it sometimes takes a lot of time and effort. But rest assured that 3:33 is a sign that it’s absolutely possible to regain your sense of alignment- and that your angels are gently nudging you in that direction.

    333 & Tarot

    In tarot, The Empress is the third card of the major arcana. The Empress is regal in her innate beauty, and has an abundance of love that flows from her like a river, infiltrating everything she touches. Astrology’s third house governs communication, curiosity, and movement. When you see 3:33, your angels could be compelling you to get out, learn more, and inhabit different cultural spaces (even within your community). While 4:44 (which we’ll talk about next) is a grounding force that leads you home, 3:33 encourages you to expand your horizons, even if it’s on home turf.


    In numerology, 444 represents your home base. Traditionally, 4 is the number of home and family, so when it repeats itself it may be time turn your attention toward these matters. In astrology, the fourth house represents the feminine realm, so 444 may be an indicator that an important female will soon play a defining or helpful role in your life. Check on your inner circle as well as your own inner world. How are you feeling emotionally? Remember that your body is your soul’s home in this life. Are you taking good care of your physical self, nourishing it with healthy foods, and paying attention to the messages it is sending you? It’s also possible that you’ve just met (or are soon to meet) a best friend or lover who will essentially become part of your family.

    444 could also be a sign that your home base or inner circle needs cleansing. Listen to your gut: Is someone (or more than one someone) in your inner circle a toxic influence? One of the simplest but surest ways to tell whether someone is a toxic force in your life is to ask yourself whether the thought of them brings joy or panic to your soul. If a dark feeling settles in your soul when you think of someone, this is almost certainly someone whom you need to remove from your life (or distance yourself from as much as possible). After all, letting negative or draining forces into your personal energy detracts from it and derails you from your higher path in life. It also has a highly toxic effect on your health.

    444 & Love

    On the contrary, if you think of your loved ones and smile, or feel joyful and nourished inside, take 444 as an affirmative: Your home base is well-balanced by a sense of giving and receiving, which is a real personal accomplishment!

    4 represents The Emperor card in the tarot deck. The Emperor is a sage, protective father figure who reflects these qualities in you or someone you love. But he is also a firm figure who holds steadfast to his values and beliefs, and he encourages you to do the same! When you see 4 on repeat, take initiative to share your resources with family members and close friends- and be open to receiving as well!


    555 is a strong indicator of change. It may be a subtle shift or a speedy current rushing into your life, but either way 4:44 gives movement some substantial momentum. In the tarot deck, The Hierophant is the fifth card in the deck. Thus, the Hierophant is a classic symbol of wisdom (although in tarot this wisdom takes on a traditional tone and can symbolize conventional marriages or circumstances). Interestingly, astrology’s fifth house governs passion and creative self-expression. Many consider 5:55 as a forerunner of change that lends itself to both traditional and non-traditional pursuits. Either way, you’re incentivized to get moving.

    Moreover, 555 also reminds us to find spiritual wisdom and divine guidance in the positive. Suffering is not the facilitator of life lessons, and is certainly not the sole window into the divine. When you’re in an ideal energetic place to see it and look for it in the right lights, the beauty of the divine can bloom from a brightly colored flower, resound in the blue note of a song, or emanate from within. 555 is simply nudging us toward an open window through which beauty might shine through in the near future.

    Unlocking the Power of Master Numbers

    There is much to learn about numerology and angel numbers. Needless to say, we can’t even come close to fitting it all into one space! However, a discussion about angel numbers simply can’t exclude a brief guide to master numbers and their meanings.

    Master Number 11

    Of the three master numbers, 11 is probably the one we’ve heard the most about in passing. This might be because 11 is considered to be the most intuitive of all numbers. It is a great illuminator of truth and a powerful channel into the subconscious, where insight resides in its purest form. 11 also belongs to the world of dreams and fantasies, where some of the greatest forms of artistic expression are formed. However, belying the awesome attunement of 11 to the spiritual world is a gentle reminder not to get so lost in dreams that we forsake reality.

    Because its components add up to 2, the master number 11 has all the harmonious, partnership-oriented aspects of the angel number 2. However, because 1 represents leadership, 11 is also empowered by leadership forces that propel you to take an active role in the changes you wish to see in your life and the world. 11 as a master number can signify a resulting inner conflict between individual desires and the needs of those around us. If not channeled into worthy goals, its power can be turned inward and translate to intense phobias, anxiety, or the sort of depression a caged lion might feel. 11 seeks expression and does not let go until it finds its way! For this reason it can walk a thin line between greatness and destruction.

    Master Number 22

    For many reasons, master number 22 holds the promise of success. It is renowned as the most powerful of all the numbers in numerology! Hot in the heels of 22 is ambition. Its resonance has the power and foresight to burn dreams into reality, but the lofty ventures it brings must be upheld the right external support system.

    Numerically, 11 is equal to 2 when combined; 22 literally doubles the power of 11 (just as 2 enhances the power of 1). 22 is charged with the dynamism leadership potential of 11, but it combines these traits with the pragmatism of 4. Discipline only serves to focus and thus enhance the power of 11’s spirit of ambition. There is a unanimous agreement among psychics, astrologers, and other spiritual advisors that 22 helps 11’s dreams take shape in reality, giving them structure and longevity.

    Master Number 33

    While the master number 22 is considered the most driven toward success, 33 is known as the Master Teacher. The most spiritually evolved of all the master numbers, it takes the potential of 11 and 22 to new, unforeseen heights. This is because its focus is less on personal success than it is on the betterment of humanity. At its highest expression, 33 symbolizes a heart that has transcended the idea of separateness and embraced the oneness of all people and things that unites us. Although numerology recognizes that we were all created to be unique sparks of life that are different in beautiful ways, master number 33 recognizes that we are one with our Creator. Therefore, when used for its highest purpose, it prioritizes humanity over personal ambition.

    The master number 33 is considered rare and is only activated in a birth chart when nestled among other core numbers of your chart. But seeing it again and again could bring aspects of it into your life. It is a very strong indicator that you are on a high spiritual path that brings great power and responsibility!

    Now that we’ve given you a brief overview of angel numbers and their meanings, we hope your interest is piqued to learn more about the ways in which numerology can help you live your highest potential in life! Stay tuned for more on angel numbers, astrology, mysticism, and much, much more.

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