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    The new version of Instantgo (v. 1.68) now offers two additional features you can find in the future tab of the app.


    We have created a Yes/No Oracle tool that lets you quickly click on a specific button to ask a Yes/No answer to the oracle. The system will provide you with an answer and you can reset it at anytime.

    The Yes/No Oracle within the Future tab

    Lucky Numbers

    We have also added a lucky numbers feature within the app which let you draw random numbers within a range of possibilities. The app comes with 3 ranges of possibilities:

    • 0 to 10
    • 0 to 36
    • 0 to 99

    You will also be able to keep the last numbers you have draw and launch the iteration as many times as you like.

    As always make sure to download the latest version of the app to have access to the latest features.

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