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    Your Fate and Palmistry: How to Palm Read

    Have you ever wondered if your fate is set in stone? Additionally, is there a way you can unlock its secrets to find out what is in store for your life through palmistry?

    Moreover, these answers are found in the ancient practice of Palmistry (also known as Chiromancy,) with its roots being in Hindu astrology.

    The art of palm reading asserts that indeed, your destiny has already been written, but that you can, in fact, read its script. Your fortune is detailed in your palm lines, which you can learn to interpret to discover what your future holds for you.

    Modern science agrees with the palm reading practitioners of old. Recently, researchers have confirmed the validity of palmistry by proving that your hands give a “fossilized record” of your early development and can be used as a resource for gaining insight into your own life.

    Furthermore, you will need to acquire knowledge on how palm reading works. Below is a palmistry guide on how to read your own palm.

    Interpreting Your Hand Shape: The Four Elements and Their Meanings

    The general shape of your hands and what this means is the easiest to find out when hand reading. The different types of hand shapes correspond to the four traditional elements, and these elements give a broad overview of a person’s personality.

    Fire: If your hands are fire shaped, your palm will be square or rectangle shaped, your skin will be flushed or pink, and the length of your palm will be greater than the length of your fingers.

    A person with fire shaped hands is passionate, bold, and ready to jump into things that spark their interest.

    Air: If your hands are air shaped, your palm will be square or rectangle shaped, you may have dry skin, and the length of your palm will be equal to or shorter than the length of your fingers.

    The air personality is intelligent and possesses great communication skills, though they are sometimes aloof.

    Water: If your hands are water shaped, your palm will be oval shaped, and the length of your palm will be equal to or shorter than the length of your fingers.

    People with water shaped hands are flexible, often romantic, and have great imaginations.

    Earth: If your hands are fire shaped, your palm will be broad or square shaped, your skin will be thick or rough, and the length of your palm will be equal to the length of your fingers.

    Earth shaped hands usually signal that their owner is someone who is responsible, sturdy, and of a calm, peaceful temperament.

    The Universe and everything within was formed from the 4 elements.

    Reading Your Hand Lines: Fortune-Telling Through Palm Lines

    The Heart Line: The Heart Line, located just underneath your fingers and stretching vertically across your palm, gives insight into your emotional life, including your life’s romantic events and your disposition towards love.

    If your heart line starts between your index and middle finger, then you wear your heart on your sleeve and give away love easily. If it starts under your index finger, then you are more closed off towards love and do not fall in love so easily. If it begins under your middle finger, you have a self-centered approach to romance. It is also said that if your heart line resembles that of your lover’s, then the two of you are compatible.

    The Head Line

    The Head Line, which starts under your index finger and crosses from one edge of your palm to the other, represents your mind, intelligence, and learning preferences.

    The longer your head line is, the more intelligent and thoughtful you are. If your head line extends all the way across your palm, then you are destined for success due to your courage and wit. Do not fret if your head line is short, however. This does not mean that you are dumb; instead, it indicates that you have a very straight-forward, practical personality. If your head line is faint, then you may be predisposed to day dreaming, and if it is absent, you could be detached from reality and somewhat lazy.

    The Life Line

    The Life Line, which curves from under your thumb towards your wrist, does not actually tell you how long you will live, as is commonly believed. Instead, in palmistry, life lines provide details about your vitality and attitude towards life.

    The longer and deeper your life line, the more well-balanced you are. If your life line is shallow, then you may be easily pushed around by others. A faint life line indicates a person with little vigor, and an absent one signals timidness and anxiousness. If your life line is broken, then this means that unexpected events, such as an illness or accident, will interrupt your normal life.

    The Fate Line (The Line of Destiny)

    The Fate Line, which begins at the bottom of your palm and travels up towards your middle finger, details factors in your life that you cannot control, such as those thrust upon you by other people or external events.

    If there are breaks in your fate line, then this may signal that you will face bad luck or misfortune. However, if your fate line is doubled, then you are destined for success in your career.

    It is said that knowledge is power. This is especially true when the knowledge that you possess gives you foresight into your own destiny. This palm reading guide gives you the know-how you need to understand the fate that has been set for your life. Take advantage of the wisdom that learning palmistry gifts to its masters and use it to become the decider of how you will spend the rest of your time here on Earth.

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