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Astro Compatibility Is Now Live On The Instantgo App

You can now easily check the profile of a user and see your astro compatibility with them. In order to do that, just make sure to install the last version of the app here.

When you visit the profile of another user, you will see a Compatibility button appear:

Astro Compatibility Instantgo Astrology Profile Zodiac sign copy

Simply click on the button and you will have access to different measures. You can see instantly what are the different scores on different dimensions:

Astro Compatibility Metrics and data horoscopes Instantgo

Checking astro compatibility

This new features is great for anyone who wants to rapidly get astrological information between different signs. You will be able to see a lot of different data and can easily connect with any user through chats then.

Each zodiac sign presents unique traits. It’s quite fun to check how your sign could match with someone on different variables.

Every time you are chatting with someone, you can aslo quickly visit their profile and read that information. This can make conversations more entertaining and fun as well.

Every sign matches different with another one. You have zodiac signs that usually get along better than other ones. Understanding the differences between signs and what you could do to improve a particular relationship can be useful. Getting the awareness of those nuances can help tackle communication and other aspects differently.

Love is not the only variable that is provided on your phone. You can check for different information such as intimacy, friendship, values, affection, communication and work. Depending on why you are looking at this astrological compatibilities, you will get a full picture on how this could play.

Love horoscope at your fingertips

Using the Instantgo app, you can also read your daily love horoscope. You can also have access to the weekly and monthly ones. Furthermore, you can also draw tarot cards, lucky numbers, ask questions to the oracle and much more!

Make sure to install the latest version of the app today and get started with all those features.

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