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    Create Better Spiritual Stories With New Profile Design

    Instantgo New profile and spiritual stories content creation with prediction & astrology

    The new version of Instantgo offers a redesigned profile screen. It also introduces several features to create better spiritual stories and posts. Make sure to download the latest version here today.

    New profile design

    Your profile on Instantgo got a totally new makeover. The profile now allows for users to more rapidly connect with each other. It presents different sections that you can decide to add to your profile. It’s now easier for users to perform the action they want directly from the profile page. For instance, you can book a time in the calendar or present the services and products you offer. Last but not least, it now shows all the posts and content you have created. Users can scroll down and see those stories.

    Creating new spiritual stories

    The new version also comes with an easier tool to create and share your content within the platform. You will find a floating + button that appears on the community tab and profile tab. Clicking on this new button gives you direct access to post creation. This new page will also present new categories for each post so you can better decide what you post. You can choose for example between prediction, astrology, and horoscopes stories. This is great for all spiritual experts to add their content to the Instantgo spiritual community.

    Tags, date and astrological signs in psots

    The editor now allows you to tag your posts and stories to make them more discoverable and relevant to others. You can also decide to add date and time for certain posts, such as when you want to share a horoscope. Videos are also a big part of this release with an easier way to share your existing YouTube videos in each post. For example, if you want to share career advice for the different astrological signs, you can easily do so with the new Instantgo post creator. Or if you want to share your weekly horoscope for a particular zodiac sign, you can do so instantly.

    As always, make sure to download the latest version of the app to get access to all those latest features.

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