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Instantgo: Horoscopes & Tarot Is Now Available On Android

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We are happy to announce that Instantgo is now available on Android devices. Many of our current users asked us to release an Android version in order to connect with users on both platforms. Today is that day.

Available on Android Today

You can download the new Instantgo app for Android today directly from the Google Play Store. As a result, users on Android can then easily start to chat with other users irrespectively of the platform used. This is also great news for all of our experts. Anyone will now be able to provide their services to a much wider audience.

Users of Instantgo for Android will discover many of the core functionalities that already exist for the iPhone app. In other words, this includes searching for spiritual categories, connecting with experts, searching profiles and more. The Android app will get updated regularly with new features.

Connecting a spiritual world

At Instantgo, we believe that spirituality plays an increasingly important role in our lives. Instantgo develops the tools and features to let people connect differently with one another. It offers the possibility to find answers in a different way.

We think that connecting people to other aspects can improve lives, make people happier and more fulfilled.

With that in mind, we have created a large and positive community of spiritual experts. For instance, you can find experts such as astrologers, tarot readers, psychics, numerologists, spiritual advisors, intuitive, life coach, mediums and more. Users can talk about any spiritual subjects of their liking that impact their lives. A wide range of topics such a love, money, career can be explored but even precise conversations such as what happens when neptune is retrograde take place within the app.

We will continue to expand the number of possibilities that Instantgo offers to our community of users in the month ahead.

You can download the new Instantgo Horoscopes & Tarot Android App today. If you have an iPhone, you can always download the app here.

As always, make sure to always update your app to the latest version to get access to the latest features.

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