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    New And More Colorful Experiences on Instantgo

    We are happy to share with you our new app icon design and colors. This reflects our intention to continue creating new ways to express and share spirituality on many different levels. It also conveys the idea of opening new doors and finding alternatives in our lives with the right tools to achieve it.

    Instantgo new app background and icon

    Spirituality and its many different aspects are among the core values of Instantgo. The platform allows users to connect on different levels, find relevant content and communicate with groups of diverse experts. We are bringing new functionalities to the platform and the changes of design and colors reflect that intention.

    In the last few weeks, we have launched new ways to create vertical content on the platform allowing for more engaging stories to be shared. We have introduced a new way to filter content and set your unique interests. We have added a number of different types of posts and will continue doing so, opening those possibilities to a larger audience.

    In this new version, we also gave the app a makeover in terms of design and made it more colorful. This is important as even though spirituality is an important topic, it has to be playful and cheerful at the same time. Colors help transmit that idea. We like to talk internally about the concept of aura.

    We will continue to expand the possibilities on the platform in the coming weeks with more innovations that help people better connect with each other. We believe that we all can benefit from interracting on a deeper level with one another. It’s also time to bring tools that can help reduce the noise around us and filter what can be helpful and useful.

    We invite you to download the latest version of the app today and enjoy its new possibilities on both your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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