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    New Ways To Earn And Spend Karma Points

    We have added a lot of new ways to earn and use karma points in the latest version of the Instantgo app (v. 1.89). Karma points will gradually allow you to use and unlock additional features within the app. We are also releasing premium karmas.

    Earning karma points

    You can now earn karma points for different actions you do in the app. For example, when you will follow someone, rate a post or simply create a new post, you will earn karma points which will be added to your balance. Each time you do one action that gives you new karma points, you will see a message which tells you how many points you have earned. To see an exact breakdown of what actions bring how many karma points, you can click here. This list will continuously change as the platform continues to evolve.

    Using points & premium karmas

    We have also added new premium karmas. Those premium karmas are a novel way to send a unique message or content to someone. Each premium karmas has a specific functionality that can be unlocked by using karma points. You can use the karma points that you have earned towards those unique (and very cool) messages or simply decide to buy additional points at any time.

    For example, you have a light karma which allows you to send a message to someone that they can only open during the day. We also have the same mechanism for the night where you will send a karma message to someone which can only open at night. And the list goes on.

    You will find in the Instantgo app a number of points packages that you can easily purchase when you want to conveniently add additional karma points to your balance.

    Additional features

    In this new version, we have also worked on making the group functionality better and made it easier for a group owner to manage the content within the group. Groups on Instantgo has a different flavor as all the people who follow you will automatically be added to your group. You can also broadcast your content easily to each one of them with a touch of a button, making mass communication easier.

    As always, make sure to download the latest version of the Instantgo app to have access to its latest features. The karma points are available at this time on iPhone devices only.

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