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    Notify All Your Followers And Create A Group

    We are happy to announce the release of a new functionality within the Instantgo app. You have now the possibility to create a group and notify all your followers at once for big announcements and news. The group functionality works relatively differently than on many other platforms. Here is the breakdown:

    All your followers are members of your group automatically

    By default, all the people that follow you on Instantgo will automatically be member of your group. They can decide to leave the group at anytime but whenever you create a group, you will already have a number of members from the get go.

    You can create one group

    Because all of your followers are by default members of your group, you can only create one group where you can share and discuss with all your followers at once.

    Two types of notifications option

    Whenever you send a message or someone sends a message within your group, other users will see those messages in their chat tab but will not get notified each time someone sends a message or a comment. This way, the communication can continue freely in your thread without forcing users to get thousands of notifications each time some write something. They can see that those new messages exist but don’t need to be alerted for each new one.

    The second option is the “Notify All”. As the owner of a group, you will see a “Notify All” button at the top right of your group chat. By clicking on it, you are invited to create a new post. That post, once published, will be published within your group and will send a notification to all your followers. You should use that functionality only for big news and announcements as if you send too many of those users might get annoyed and unfollow you. Use it smartly!

    Manage your group

    You can manage the members of your group at anytime. If someone is annoying or has a bad behavior, you can simply decide to block them and eject them from your group. All those actions are managed directly from within your group.

    Read more about groups here.

    As always make sure to download the latest version of the app to get access to all its latest features and to our updated karma functionalities.

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