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Personalize Your Spiritual Insights on Instantgo

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The new version of the Instantgo app allows you to personalize completely the feed of information you see in your community tab. It also offers new types of posts in more categories to expand the numbers of spiritual insights. Last but not least, it also got an improved design feed with an easier way to understand what you are seeing. You can now get and create even more relevant and useful content on an ongoing basis. 

Setting up your spiritual insights and interests

The community feed has always showed the stories and posts of people you follow. In this new version, we are going one step further. We now allow you to add your interests and get a filtered view of the most relevant content published by the community. 

We have also created a set of algorithms that intend to surface what could be the most interesting for you, based on different factors. 

The idea behind the Instantgo community is to let every user and expert share some of their most interesting spiritual insights with others. By being in contact with smart content, you can develop better perspectives and get helped through some of our life choices with useful spiritual insights. 

New types of posts

love and relationships, life coaching, prayers mobile app

The new version also offers new ways for people to create and share content. We have added three additional types of posts, including love & relationship, prayer, and life coaching. This enables more people to create specific material for each of these important topics, including religion. The existing post types remain the same. You can, for example, create a horoscope post or simply explain why cancers are represented by crabs to your audience.

The community feed has also been slightly modified to show you which type of post you are seeing. This makes it easier to filter what you are looking for and lets you dig deeper in different subjects. 

As always, make sure to update your app to the latest version to have access to all the latest features by clicking below: 

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