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    Pull Tarot Cards Instantly From Chats & Messages On Your Phone

    We are thrilled to announce that you can now pull tarot cards instantly from within your chats and messages. In order to start, make sure to install the latest version of the Instantgo app here and simply visit your chat tab.

    Tarot cards within your chats

    Once you are within a conversation with someone, you can simply click on the Tarot Card button to start pulling and sending cards over chats to another user.

    You can find the online tarot button within your conversation at the bottom of your screen:

    Whenever you click on that tarot button, you get an option to select between different tarot cards. This sends the card selected immediately to the other user and reveal its content to both of you.

    At anytime, you can click on any given card within the chat to make it bigger if you wish. You can also easily see all the history of the tarot cards you have pulled within that same conversation.

    Reset your card deck at anytime

    A tarot cards deck has 78 cards. With the new version of the Instantgo app, you can easily reset your deck. Or you can continue using the same one continuously until all 78 cards are drawn.

    You can also decide to pull the cards yourself or have one of the tarot card readers or spiritual advisors do that for you within the chat. It’s up to you and your personal preferences.

    With this new feature, you can now conveniently get your card reading instantly from your phone. You can see what happens live as you pull different cards. For example, if you want to pull the April tarot, you can do it immediately from within the app. You can ask a question to someone and follow-up with a card in the text.

    Make sure to download the app today to access the tarot card in text feature. Join the Instantgo community now and sicker new insights to guide your path.

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