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Share And Receive Karma

The new version of Instantgo offers a new way for users to send and receive karmas to each other.

Instantgo Share and Receive Karmas

The idea behind karma is to offer an innovative and simple way for users to share good deeds, positive energy and emotions with each other. It’s a different way to communicate and touch others around us. This follows our latest update where we let users create different kind of contents in a different and fun way.

Send and receive karma

You can send karma or ask to receive them. Depending on the situation, it’s your choice to decide what you want to do. You can select any type of karma and see if you want to send it to someone or ask that person to send it to you.

Karma points

There are several types of karma actions available and every time it is sent, points are rewarded. You can see at anytime the number of points you have received as well as the lifetime score for all the points that you have. Every action within this new functionality can provide points.

Disappearing messages

When you attach a picture for example to a karma, that picture will disappear as soon as the other user saw it. Different options will have different results but the idea is that people can open the content only once and then it will disappear into the universe. You will always keep in your notifications a list of the different people who have sent you karma and their types. But the content of those messages will disappear based on the types of actions that was selected.

We invite you to try today this new functionality and see how you can build your score over time.

As always, make sure to download the latest version of the app to get access to the latest features (iPhone here and Android here). The karma functionality is at the time of writing only available to iPhone users.

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