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    Spiritual Path, Full-Screen​ Content & Stories On Instantgo

    The new version of the Instantgo app (v. 1.83) now offers you a new spiritual path section and the capacity to create full-screen experiences for other users to see. The post editor received a makeover making it easier to create better and most relevant posts for the community.

    Instantgo spiritual path, full-screen content and stories

    The new spiritual path section

    A new “Spiritual path” section has been added to the Discover tab of the app. This section takes the best content available on Instantgo and shows it to users based on their interests and more factors. It’s a convenient way for users to immediately see the most relevant stories for them and navigate between each of them. Users can change at any time what they are seeing by adding or removing interests in their interests settings.

    The interests are tag-based, meaning that users can add specific tags to their preference and see every day the most relevant content based on those tags. This is why it’s important to add tags to your post so they can be more discoverable in the feed and stories. For example, someone who wants to better understand the relationship between being psychic and their effects on relationships could decide to follow the tag psychic and relationships. Someone interested in fitness would simply follow the tag fitness.

    More immersive content and stories

    With the new editor, each time you create a new post, you will have the possibility to add a picture or video in a vertical format as well as a horizontal one. The difference here is that you don’t need to choose between one of those two formats. As you create your post, you will be able to crop any image so it will have a regular, horizontal and compact view. At the same time, you will see the full image in a vertical format. This allows users to now see a post in the community feed in the traditional horizontal format but when they click on it, they will also see them in a full vertical format. The idea is to create content which is more engaging and immersive for the community. The extended view of each post has also a new and improved design.

    As always make sure to download the latest version of the Instantgo app to have access to all the latest features on both iPhone and Android.

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