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Zodiac Signs Personality Traits

Zodiac Signs Personality Traits

In the latest version of Instantgo, you will find a new section Personal Traits within the Horoscope section of the app. There, you will be able to read zodiac signs personality traits and learn more about each astrological sign.

Zodiac Signs Personality Traits

Each zodiac sign has different personality traits that are known for their rising sign. To get a full picture of someone’s astrological picture, you also need to look their ascendant and other planets position in their natal chart.

The new section appears today in your Discover tab within the Horoscopes section. You can click on that section, select the astrological sign you want to read about and get indications on their personal traits.

You can now read your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes on Instantgo as well as read more about the psychology of each sign. This is also helpful when you are using the match function. This lets you check your astro compatibility with other users and zodiac signs. You can find that functionality in the profile of each user.

Improvements In The Community Tab

This new version of Instantgo also offers several improvements in the community tab. You can now easily read more content as you scroll down that tab. You can also see the ratings of different posts in a more orderly fashion.

The community tab also lets you discover the different spiritual categories available on the platform. There, you can see a list of experts with whom you can connect and discuss instantly. You will also see the trending users and featured posts of the community. The same happens in your chat tab where you can see a list of recommened experts with whom you can talk to.

As always, make sure to update your app to the latest version to have access to all those new features.

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